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Novaldy Felix

    1. Re: Anyone else plagued by the feeling of your writing being “never good enough?”

      Usually, I think, in most cases, people don't exactly have definition on "perfect" or "good enough"; since they don't have the definition, they keep feeling that their work is not up to standard, when (...)

    2. Re: Memorable Characters

      Catchphrase, I guess? Something about 'My magic is never giving up!', 'Surpass your limits, right here, right now.', 'I want to be the pirate king!', and 'I will be the great general of the heavens!' (...)

    3. Re: Keep changing tone

      You feel like it's told by multiple people at once, but is that a bad thing? Is it really a problem? When it comes to tones, personally, I believe that it's best if it doesn't remain the same all the (...)

    4. Re: How to transition to the next scene within a chapter?

      Usually, you'd like to indicate that the scene has changed. ***, ___, ---, spacing, etc. (pick whichever you like or make your own) As for transitions, at least to my knowledge, there are a few: (...)

    5. Re: The [Royal Road Flashfic] Contest

      ‘O, machine,’ Trese gripped the lever as she asked her question, ‘should I… die?’ Thwack. She pulled down and— —the android’s engine began to hum. * A Reason to Live * Seated on the yellow (...)

    6. Re: A guide to plotting (outline)

      Nice. So, I have a question: What exactly is plot points? Any examples?

    7. Re: I will predict your story's followers count for free

      Predict mine please Patchworld | Royal Road Thanks in advance! :DrakanPopcorn:

    8. Re: Let's do a review swap!


    9. Re: If your main character had 3 wishes, what would they wish for?

      You get three wishes, stated the world system. 'Only three?' Yaalon remarked. 'What if I wish for infinite wishes?' You get three. Wishing for more wishes is banned. 'Wishing for more wishes is banned, (...)

    10. Re: Thoughts on my monsters?

      In terms of design, I think the monsters have a good appearance.  I'm a bad reader, so usually when there's like a full solid paragraph on description, it just goes by my head. So, when the monsters (...)

    11. Re: Mind Bender

      Makes me wonder what is the most used letter in most novels.  :DrakanThinking: Should be E I think (heard it's most used).

    12. Re: An Idea I am considering

      Was about to recommend usogui, but it seems you already know it, nice. Personally I like the whole kakerou organization from usogui compared to rules like no game no life. (but in the end they are more (...)

    13. Re: February Thread - Promote your Story

      Ollo. Would you check my fiction? Normally I don't promote (tbh I had wanted to meme here), but my fiction is 5 views away from my goal of total (...)

    14. Re: Schizophrenic Writing. You Too?

      Might not be the answer you're looking for, but hope this helps: So at one point in my life I was paranoid. Couldn't trust people, would check behind me for any 'pursuers', always believe that people (...)

    15. Re: School.

      I go with crazy-looking-and-sounding mentor.

    16. Re: The (Un)Official What Are You Reading Today? And Next? Thread

      I tried reading it more than thrice already and I don't quite understand, haha. All I get is (correct me if I'm wrong) something is rather faulty with the message things and adversary could be introduced (...)

    17. Re: The (Un)Official What Are You Reading Today? And Next? Thread

      The paper is another on Byzantine fault tolerance algos. So where at most third of interacting computing processes can act arbitrarily, all computers interact by messaging each other, but all of the (...)

    18. Re: The (Un)Official What Are You Reading Today? And Next? Thread

      Didn't see one yet - and decided to start one largely because of this amazing title for a paper just started reading. Idit Keider et al. All you need is DAG. (arxiv, PODC2021) Awesome! * * * (...)

    19. Re: Your opinions about book covers

      something like mistborn with Vin in the cover