Split Second [A System-Based Progression LitRPG]

Split Second [A System-Based (...)
by idkmanseemssketchy
143 pages


[Earth] has finally reached the minimum level of ambient mana that is required to support integration into the wider cosmos. According to scans, [Earth] has one species capable of higher reasoning and thought. That's a higher number than [ERROR]% of planets! If you can understand this message, then you must be part of the species [Human]. Lucky you!


To support the integration of [Humans] into the greater cosmos, the... [ERROR]

[retrieving appropriate term from species database...]

[culturally relevant term found]

To support the integration of [Humans] into the greater cosmos, the System has been made available to you! Yes, you! As well as all other [Humans], but also you! The System will help you integrate mana into your [carbon-based flesh bodies], as well as taking on the burden of datamining your [brains] and determining what your affinities are. This process has a [68%] casualty rate when performed on [Human] simulators. You're welcome!

NOTE: Due to a lack of data on [Human] affinity compatibility, the System has provided a series of tests and challenges to weed out inefficient affinities before official integration. There are even puzzles! Fun!

NOTE NOTE: [Human] simulators have shown that most desirable reactions occur when the System is using Language Filter [387-B]. This filter is meant to encourage positive reactions in [highly empathetic] [needy] [easily scared] [squishy] living organisms. Look how you're being taken care of! Wow! Please share your positive responses with other [Humans].

Beginning datamining process now...

Kira was... in the middle of something when the System came. Now, she is conflicted. On the one hand, apocalypse and end of life as she knew it. On the other hand, life as she knew it wasn't - well, it wasn't something she wanted to continue. She feels like she should be sad, or maybe angry is the right response? Kira's never been good with feeling how she is supposed to, but she knows that 'happy' definitely isn't the right answer. But, come on, the System prompt definitely mentioned mana, which means magic. Who wouldn't be excited about magic? And affinities seem to be tied to it. Kira hopes she'll be able to do something cool with her affinity, which is... Time?

Time magic is fun, and I did put the Time Travel tag on here but know going in that it's a ways off. We'll start with time shenanigans pretty soon though. Cover art generated by me through Dream by Wombo.

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Stellar Soulsaber - A Modern Progression Fantasy

Stellar Soulsaber - A (...)
by Reyaliz
323 pages

Cultivation meets spellcraft, reluctance meets destiny.

Within the modern world of Spiravale, the reverence and allure of magic go unchallenged. Climbing through the ranks carries a gripping appeal that calls on all and the necessity of protection requires numerous souls to answer, though few tread far. 

A glaring lack of apparent talent leaves Val as the last person anyone in the country of Ciazel believes can or shall become a mage, herself included. However, when a discovery about her mother’s fatal condition drags the ex-pickpocket out of her self-doubt and prompts her to brave the notorious Tripartite Trial—an event responsible for determining who deserves to awaken their element—she finds she has the potential to grow.

In search of the sole item that can save her mother, Val will have to throw all rhyme and reason behind her and clamber her way up to the summit of elemental society.

A sister, a friend, an enchanter, and a mage—the grueling ascent of the Stellar Soulsaber embarks with a single step.

If you enjoy progression on all fronts—spellcraft, cultivation, and enchanting—then this novel is for you. While these aspects carry the overall story, there's an overarching plot line lingering beneath that takes time to unfold. As such, Stellar Soulsaber is a slow novel paired with satisfactory growth (hopefully, anyway). Give it a try if seems to your tastes. :)

Note: Updates will be three times a week (M-W-F).

Volume covers done by: Sininenblue (Open for commision)

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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[Psychokinetic] Eyeball Pulling - A Post-Apocalyptic LitRPG

[Psychokinetic] Eyeball (...)
by SilencetheHunger
619 pages

Astrid, a mischievous noble teen, long dreamed of exploring the ancient cities preserved beneath the waves, left behind from a time before the ocean swallowed the world.

When an ancient monster long thought dead assaults humanity's last bastion, a floating ship-city, she awakens her System early–only, she's not a warrior as expected, but forced to walk the path of a [Psychokinetic].

With Spawn infested oceans, pirates looking to plunder, and mysterious monsters that lurk within Bubbled-Cites at the bottom of the ocean. Safety is anything but guaranteed.

She’ll learn to trip; levitate, throw objects, eyeball pulling, all the way to the apex of psychic powers.

But, what happens when she discovers that her world was a lot larger than she–and the rest of humanity, once thought?

[Psychokinetic] Eyeball Pulling is a laid back story about a young girl who has a craving for adventure and fighting. She wasn't expecting to awaken as a mage class, but that won't stop her from having fun—no—It only makes it better! No longer will she need to resort to laborious activities, including, but not limited to; picking up stuff, carrying stuff, or even throwing stuff! Everything can be done with her mind!

This is the first serious litRPG I am writing, and I am considered a new author. So please be kind!

What to expect from this story:

- LitRPG elements with blue boxes

- A mischievous, powerful female protagonist

- Gore, eyeball pulling, and limb pulling.

- Slice of life elements with a party of (hopefully) interesting and fun characters

- Average chapter length 1800-2200 with a release of Mon-Fri

Join my Discord!    https://discord.gg/xrbGGn6vtj

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Tales of Alexander: The Ancient Bloodline

Tales of Alexander: The (...)
by Riz Tales
555 pages

In a world where bloodline and talent determined everything magic-related, Alexander seemed to get everything needed for a prosperous future by being born from a prestigious family on his mother’s side. However, with an unknown biological father, after his mother, Isabella, rebelliously found a lover at a very young age, Alexander’s body was ‘tainted’ with a mysterious mana curse that prevented his body from absorbing mana. Despite countless attempts at dispelling the curse, nothing worked.

Years after Alexander’s birth, his mother managed to marry Duke Kallis out of love, and he’d become a strict but loving father that treats him the same as his step-siblings. Penelope and Eliot, children who lost their mother tragically to illness, now gained an unexpected brother who they only started accepting after the birth of their half-sister Elena. Their relationship was everything except normal, making even their conversations awkward at times. It didn’t help that Alexander was ridiculed by everyone outside the family for being the black sheep, a reputation that followed him throughout his life.

While his siblings proved to be generational talents, even among the strongest in the world, managing to form mana cores at an extremely young age, Alexander only dreamed of having magic. However, as fate would have it, Alexander’s future was bound to change when he met a mysterious individual who claimed he could help him.

Tales of Alexander: The Ancient Bloodline is a fantasy novel that allows us to explore the world of Gaia through Alex’s countless journeys. Hope you enjoy, and see you on the other side!

Schedule: Tuesday & Saturday 1:15 PM EST / 7:15 CET

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Sara's (not really) Fabulous System Armageddon, Book I: The World Ended at Rush Hour

Sara's (not really) Fabulous (...)
by MDW
1.1k pages

Planet Earth, Monday, October 7th, 2019.  18:30



On a fateful day, during rush hour in eastern North America, Heavens and Hell crumbled and fell from their higher dimension on Earth. It came from "above" but not the same above we regard in our tridimensional Euclidean reasoning. No, it came from "above" as in from a higher dimension. Bits and pieces of those places fell on Earth from all directions, this time in tridimensional Euclidean space.

Satellites, the ISS, and space debris all were wiped clean from orbit. Even those that didn't crash with the falling debris were knocked off orbit by the shockwaves. On the ground, power distribution lines were disrupted and most power facilities were left abandoned by their dead staff. Most of these had emergency shutdown routines that engaged in a few days. Some others had a survivor among their staff that followed protocol and activated their SCRAM switches, stopping the power plant. Long-distance communication disappeared the internet along with it. The world was plunged into technological darkness.

Nine hundred and ninety-nine out of every thousand human beings perished immediately in the pulse of magical energy from the torn spatial boundary. Spirits were rent asunder and vanished, their fate neither salvation nor damnation, only oblivion. The criteria used for this culling was latent magic potential. It didn't discriminate against education, gender, age, or ethnic group. But of the around seven million survivors, most would meet their doom moments later.

Those on moving vehicles, like the ones driving on highways suddenly had to contend with high-speed uncontrolled cars and trucks driven by corpses. Trapped in their vehicles and helpless, they became part of the long snake of crushed metal. Very few survived. Those in the air or out in the sea were alone and probably unable to control their rides. Airplanes crashed, and ships kept their course or drifted away, depending on their autopilot.

Several ended their own lives in utter despair after seeing their loved ones die in front of them. Another large group would die at the hands of other survivors. Violence and aggression became the norm. Only a few sparse pockets of not-so-sane survivors managed to band together and cooperate for the sake of mutual survival.

The sole survivor in a five-over-one apartment building in Georgia, a girl became the keystone to humanity's survival. Sara's fabulous System Apocalypse had just started. 

She has only one remark.

It was anything but fabulous.



Updates every Wednesday and Sunday.

Cover V2 credits: CC-BY-SA Midjourney

Cover V1 Credits:

Consumed, Jennifer Hansen.jpg (CC BY-SA 3.0) https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Consumed,_Jennifer_Hansen.jpg

John Martin (public domain):

- The Great Day of His Wrath

- The Last Judgment

- Le Pandemonium

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The Path of Ascension

The Path of Ascension (...)
by C_Mantis
3.5k pages

The Path of Ascension has moved to Kindle Unlimited (Chapters 5-41). Here it is on Amazon and Audible. The rest of the story will continue here worry not but its a much cleaner version of the story you know there.


The story follows Matt, a young man planning to delve the rifts responsible for the monsters that destroyed his city and killed his parents. His dreams are crushed when his Tier 1 Talent is rated as detrimental, and no guild or group will take him.

Working at a nearby inn, he meets a mysterious and powerful couple. They give him a chance to join The Path of Ascension, an empire wide race to ascend the Tiers and become living legends.

With their recommendation and a stolen skill, Matt begins his journey to the peak of power.


Chapters will now be MONDAY and FRIDAY AT 3:00pm EST.


This is a mix between LitRPG and Xianxia. It's like a car that looks like a LitRPG with dungeons and skills, but the interior and engine are all Xianxia. 

So no blue boxes and clicking +’s to get stronger.


What you won't see in this novel:

Bland protagonists.

Bland love interests that immediately fall in love with the MC.

Murder hobos who kill entire families and clans for looking the wrong way at somebody.

Pacifist MC’s who wouldn't kill a single person to save millions.

Cartoonish villains who are bad just to be bad.


What to expect:

A MC who acts rationally.

World building that has more depth than ‘strong people 'stronk'. There will be no rules only benefiting the strong and no rule changes as they see fit. 

An empire that actually cares for its citizens.

People who act and talk like real people.

A magic system and progression system that are logically and internally consistent.

Realistic fight scenes.

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