Miles D

Miles D

Bookworld Online: Marsh Man

Bokuboy's "Marsh Man" -- more excellence !!

A most excellent story, fast paced without excessive amounts of gore. The author has once again proved that he can write consistently regarding the reliability of scheduling and the height of entertainment. His ability to write the longer stories well is now fully established.

The beginning of the story within the "book in a book" starts as a tragedy and after some chapters, turns into a more heroic "commoner to noble" and then "rags to riches". This is not to even hint that there is anything usual about this tale as it unfolds in its maze of twisty passages, all different, and all of which are taken advantage of by a completely normal (read that as vicious-genius) protagonist, as he navigates his way through battle (both front-line and in support), and politics at both high (court) and low levels (barracks). His romantic life is a learning experience, from zero to hero, as is his skill as a crafter/merchant.
The supporting characters are convincing and equally well cast, from the loving fiancee to the not-so-nice leading mages. The magic system is not described in detail, fortunately, as it would be very long and complicated, but the very lack of detail convinces one to sort of understand it.

I am thoroughly enjoying this, as you can probably tell!

Miles (Written during chapter 249)

River of Fate

This story is very good indeed, with none of the errors in spelling etc that many seem to have. (Props to enough checking :D ).

A story of wuxia type without either over-doing the detail, or leaving it all out! A good balanced story.


Eterna's Source

A great fantasy without the RPG elements.

I find that too many stories for my taste have over-heavy or over emphasized RPG elements, which detract from the novel's theme. Eterna's Source is well written as well as being well edited (for spelling and grammar etc.) and can be regarded as great in both these fields.

I wasn't too happy with having an almost silent heroine for the first few chapters, but now that has eased I am truly impressed with the way this story is unfolding.

(Written after RR release of Ch19)


Super Minion


I find this both exciting and intriguing, it offers enough to make me think without really stretching my credulity too much. 
I found the first few chapters a bit slow, but still having enough action to hold my interest hard enough to really get into the meat of the story. 
I started reading this morning and at 21.30 I caught up - this speed is rare unless I am enjoying a story.