1. Re: Your character's most quotable line

      as for mine, this one from my work. By Connie “You are a spoiled child who has been given power and status beyond your means and maturity. Thus, you became arrogant in your ignorance,” The girl said, (...)

    2. Re: What's the highest ranking you've ever received, and how does the Ranking system work?

      You also have to understand that some stories already have a huge following from previous works. And the numbers of the best ranking are being compared across all genres, that means pure romance against (...)

    3. Re: What is a character you have created in the past that makes you cringe now?

      It was Aegir Whitefang for me. A western type character that wears a katana. Oh my god, I used such chuuni names for my characters when I was in Junior High School. And such cringy dialogues. Just cool (...)

    4. Re: Litrpg and wuxia has nothing to do with numbers, skills or stages.

      Let’s all admit it, no one cares for the numbers shown on a status screen or the cultivation lvl of a character. Both of these things are just numbers going up. Is that a bad thing ? NO! Consider (...)

    5. Re: I just hit double-digit followers! 10 followers and over 300 views on my story!

      Indeed, the important thing is someone read what you write and they love it. Cherish that feeling bruh

    6. Re: Got my first o.5 star rating!

      Ah yes, the bane of all rankings. It could be a troll, or some other malicious intent within. But we learn to ignore the 0.5s. I would bet that that 0.5 has no reviews at all, eh?

    7. Re: Story Growing Slowly: Should I Give Up?

      No, you shouldn't stop so easily. a new chapter in my story garners a thousand or so views a week now, but that's only after 2 years. When I first started, getting 5 views in a day was enough for (...)

    8. Re: Questions to readers about darker type of MCs

      Note: I am not going to change my MC's personality because of the results of this thread, just curious. Hello, as you can guess based on the title, I am here to see how many people share the same (...)

    9. Re: I've grown to hate stories where the underdog is automatically the good guy

      I think my problem isn't the underdog so much as the evil is so cardboard evil.  The only reason they didn't starve their own kids to death is it is easier to feed them than bribe the courts. Nobody (...)

    10. Re: Authors Who Dislike Comments Fixing Typos: Read This

      EXactly! Freee editing! especially me being very...lazy

    11. Re: I've grown to hate stories where the underdog is automatically the good guy

      To be honest, such stories does not seem like it would catch on. perhaps if the top dog is not the MC, perhaps friend or an ally of the MC. Otherwise, there does not seem to be anywhere to grow for the (...)

    12. Re: Question. Do you have discord or facebook for your stories?

      That's all very interesting! I tried using twitter for a while to link to things like my website or here on RR. Didn't quite work. I tried using ScribbleHub as a secondary hosting platform, but that (...)

    13. Question. Do you have discord or facebook for your stories?

      Or Instagram or whatever social media of your choice. I was thinking about making one for my work, but as you can see from my experience with social media in general, it was slightly gearing towards (...)

    14. Re: Have you ever read something that had a blatant author insert.

      A blatant author insert? Look no further than Kishibe Rohan of Jojo's Bizarre adventure. Man had stories dedicated to himself, ate spiders, creepily stalks a high schooler, and went to Gucci HQ. (...)

    15. Re: Anybody that says non-LitRPG can do well on here is a liar

      I do write isekai, but don't write litrpg. I only use one bugged out Status Screen to show my MC's low level and after that, no more numbers game. But Royalroad has lots of litrpg, that is true. (...)

    16. Re: Another 0.5 bomb. They really like bombs!

      Well. In my case since i have already have a decent following, it doesn't affect me much. However it will discourage most new writers i think

    17. Another 0.5 bomb. They really like bombs!

      I got two 0.5 rating bombs within a day. At this time, I've had enough of them I don't really have anything to say. Although it's fine with me, I hope those who have the time to be trolls, please (...)

    18. Re: Royalroad is becoming like webnovel (in terms of quality of fiction)

      Mmm, wish fulfillment? Perhaps, but aren't all fantasies a bit of that too? The desire to enter a new world, to be a chosen one, to be something more. That's the base of most fantasy, even Harry Potter, (...)

    19. Re: Why do "RE" stories get so many favourable ratings and views?

      Isekai is far from being a new genre, isekai with OP MC is. we have Narnia, Through the looking Glass, Dinotopia, and such. The base ingredients are the same, but the cooking process and result is (...)

    20. Re: So... I just hit 4500+ views.

      Of course. It's number of views. not unique views.