1. Re: New stories to watch out for Certainly not the best, but it's entertainment that kept me busy for a little.

    2. Re: Discord is down, am bored, lets talk.

      So yeah, how was your day? What are you writing? What are you reading? Is it also stupidly hot where you live at the moment? Cool artwork you've seen around or just anything you want to talk about? (...)

    3. Re: Adster's Chaoticorium (Free Covers)

      Oh hey thats me in the bottom picture.

    4. Re: Suggestion: Series Feature

      Sounds cool! Submit it to so people can vote/comment on it. No guarantees that it will happen but it will get the idea out there.


      ...Seeing how Chinese websites of dubious nature once copy/pasted my old scripts with an occasional messy translation, I'm surprised that Royal Road actually wants to be sure it's your actual content and (...)

    6. Re: Multi-volume books on Royal Road?

      Most common way is to do this is to name your chapters as follows: Book X, Chapter Y, Optional chapter name. This way followed users will keep getting the notifications, and your book(s) will be (...)


      To be fair, it would have taken less efford to edit compared to writing this raging "I'm leaving" post.

    8. Re: Bots on RR?

      Don't forget that the higher you climb, the more people will read it, but also the more people read it that would not normally read it if they had to search for it. These will dislike it more often, and (...)

    9. Re: How do i get followers

      Don't listen to any of these people.  Track down your readers to their home.  Start following them around.  They will eventually start following you back. This is solid advice. They might follow you (...)

    10. Re: The search for the highest level account.

      Highest exprerience is Aternus as far as I know, reputation probably Andur. Who knows what the near future will bring though, now that the site is giving reputation again.

    11. Re: New stories to watch out for Looks promising. Read the chapters up on his patreon (Free to read) and I like the style. What is and will be posted will only be the unedited chapters (...)

    12. Re: Looking for Crafting/Ability exploring fictions.

      Recently been ready Age of Gods and I have the crafting story itch again. Seeing as how I read trough all chaps of AoG in 3 days... yeah I need something else. Anyone got suggestions?

    13. Re: What's the god-tier fiction around these parts?

      Age of Gods is pretty Top-Tier as far as crafting/exploring abilities goes.

    14. Re: How is the 'Trending fictions' list determined?

      I don't think it requires a cover, but fictions with covers tend to get more clicks. In your case it was pure luck most likely.

    15. Re: Time spent on RoyalRoad

      Probably suprisingly low for me. I guess this was an old forum feature that got slashed and burned during the updates. If the big red dragon name Kanadaj comes and sees this I'm sure he'll be able to tell (...)

    16. Re: Save drafts for edit field inputs

      Not a solution to your problem, but don't most browsers have a spellchecker build-in? I know for sure Firefox has it (as I use it) and Chrome probably has one as well. May be an alternative to your (...)

    17. Re: Line length for the default user is kind of insane.

      I always reduce it to 60-50 on a new PC. It's pretty visible as well, so I don't think that people are unable to find it.