The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound

The start of the novel is 5 stars, but after a while it starts to wane. You can feel that not the same effort is going in anymore. Instead of finding the right words to describe a scene or an action, you will start finding BOOOM, BAAAAAAM, CRAAAAAAAACK. You are left to guess the magnitude of what is going on by how many vocals get added every time the word is repeated. Either the author doesn't find it worth anymore to waste time and put in the effort or the fights got so repetitive that using the same adjectives has become bothersome.

Another problem is the cheap tropes that have started to seep in. I personally find it a waste of the number of words used at extended showboating when there are a plethora of characters in need of screen time. 

After a while, like the author, you will start going on more by inertia and sunken cost, than because you care.

Owlnother World

Those used to Monster Isekai will reminisce of the joyous feeling of watching paint dry.

The mc has the emotional development of a serial killer. "Things" (because everything is fair game) are killed or left alive depending on how useful they would be to leveling up. 

It is like looking at some random guy eating cake. You don't know the guy. You can't taste the cake. You may end up asking yourself if there is not some other way you could waste your time.

The Great Core's Paradox

Too Human without a reason to be so

The story would be better if the MC had been given the opportunity and time to grow into the persona the plot wants him to be. The trust ad empathy put into the human party by the snake is well developed, even if a bit pushed. 

What broke it for me is the change in his inner self once he acquaints other humans. He goes all fangirl trying to save them, but without them growing closer as he did with the party. Due to this, the distress he feels when those humans are suffering feels unrealistic at best. The emotions shown from then on border on cringe and make you question who this guy is.

Still enjoyable in the case of a laid-back read, where one just needs to go with the flow.

The Menocht Loop

After a while the main character starts to behave irrationally. He starts looking for trouble just for the lultz. I cannot take how his character development is abruptly twisted just for plot convenience.

He is presented as serious and responsible. Bound by external variables to make difficult choices. Nonetheless affected by the destruction left by his path. Able to create trusted relationships by simply giving his word for example. Without the need of magical contracts.

Well, not anymore it seems. What a funny twist. Lulz. :(


The novel does not take itself seriously. Secondly, it is too obviously railroaded. There are introductory books from other branches of magic found at the start. Probably appartnent to the dead wizards. This fact is probably forgotten due to the need to add a different spin to the story. My hope is that this change is not be due to some Patreon contributors sheningan.

Another element of this story that I found bothersome is the fact that it is driven by sensationalism. The need to evoche this effect in the reader is powerful enough to influence how the world works. One example is the needless continuous remarks on  laws about rape and children. Death may be given a third rate spotlight if compared. Could be acceptable if the Mc had a trauma, but nothing related has come up.

I may be bringing up children a lot in this review. That is because reason is subverted by childishness. In the way that the older you are the stupider you would be portrayed. The opposite is true too. It can be seen in the language and behaviour of a distressed young girl, who is the binder of a conclave. She unexplicably is more mature than 90% of the characters presented in the novel. Said that you can imagine the trend. 

The female protagonist full name gives me shivers. Every time I read it, it gives me images of adults taking advantage of those young people the author seems sooo concerned about.

Recommended to those who wish to read a pink, fluffy, politically correct, and happy go lucky story.

Not recommended to those who expect the story to abide by the laws of its own world. A world where characters need to own the consequences of their choices not only superficially.


Killing people left and right. Either by his own will or as collateral. Where is the fun in seeing him cry a river and put up a pity party everytime? It is always someone else's foult. Why can't they just understand? He is suffering so much, though he still persists to save his miserable life. So why do I need to hear this kind of MC's moaning, when it's always someone else getting the bad end. What right does he have? 

Read if you want to hear about the tribulations of a nazi SS.

An Outcast In Another World (Subtitle: Is 'Insanity' A Racial Trait?)

Un unnatural behaviour fueled by nonsensical emotions. Every character and their mother, including the third person narrative voice try to be funny. After a while it's not funny anymore. It becomes monotone, as if the same character keeps changing places trying to play everyone's role.

It is childish too or written for kids. Shouting to your foes for example when they don't understand shit, is like me shouting at the ham in my plate. Retarded. Praise for the Mc seems to seep from anyone that meets him. Even those times it does not, the third person narrative make it so that Mc comes out as a hard ass.

No tension in any difficulty he encounters, after a while. That is because you begin to understand that everytime something bad happens, you can relish in learning how special the Mc is. Third parties and the allencompassing voice will hammer that into you. And not in a subtle way, so you can start worshipping him too.

A Lord of Death

Liked the previous version

This new version faceslaps you with bad grammar, misspellings and more ....  There is need of an once over of the already posted chapters, instead of producing a steady flow of low quality ones. There is a limit on how much one can gloss over by being nostalgic.

Half a star was added in memory of what it once was.

Copy, Paste: The Misadventures of Milo Two

Aks the reader to make too many jumps of "wild" logic, when a proper grounwork prepared beforehand, could have could have lead to sound reasoning. 

Also the mc disregards his background, condition and situation he finds himself in, to go and check what plot wants him to do. Lacks consistent behaviour.

Power Overwhelming

The skill is there, the purpose is not. The mc seems to feel no challenge. Add to it ass kissing sprinkled on everything, and you have a story that tends on the wish  fullfilement side. You will find some fillers too that ad nothing to the story excpet fan service or rise mc`s nose even higher.