1. Re: What are the 3 most OP MC on RoyalRoad?

      The protagonist in Forgotten is literally the creator of her multiverse. Love Crafted the protagonist is a a Cthuloid entity. Ikea from Azarinth Healer is probably the strongest 'zero-to-hero' protagonist (...)

    2. Re: imp monster meets humans and befriends i think?

      I don't think it's the one you're thinking of, but maybe Misadventures of a Rampaging Demon.

    3. Re: Series wherein the Dungeon is a "Theme Park/Museum/Wildlife Reserve" business?

      It doesn't quite match up, but There is No Epic Loot Here, Only Puns has a number of those elements.

    4. Re: Any System Apocalypse's set in non-Modern Earth?

      Infinite Labyrinth takes place in 1818, though it's less a System APOCALYPSE and more a System INTEGRATION.

    5. Re: Any Military Progression? Like Military SciFi but the Armed Forces have Cultivation/System/Progression powers?

      The Mech Touch, found on Webnovel and other sites, is about a Mech designer with a System.  In this setting elite mech pilots are essentially cultivators.

    6. Re: Feel Good Stories

      Beware of Chicken 

    7. Re: Stories that have returned from hiatus

      These count, but unfortunately they went back on hiatus. Essence of Cultivation Arogant Young Master Template A Variation 4 Threadbare

    8. Re: Any sci-fi about spaceships or people in control room?

      There's one story that I'm not sure if I personally recommend it, but it does fulfill what you're asking for.  Three Square Meals on storiesonline is a sci-fi story that includes a spaceship crew and has (...)

    9. Re: Royal Road Recommendations

      Azarinth Healer and Savage Divinity come to mind pretty quickly as they completed their (very long) runs last year.

    10. Re: Proxy wars.

      It's crossover fan-fic, but I remember a lot of the minions being more important in Dungeon Keeper Ami (Sailor Moon / Dungeon Keeper fan fic). Pisces, the secondary character in The Wandering Inn, is (...)

    11. Re: OK, once more with feeling: anything you would label as a farce?

      Dao of Magic There is No Epic Loot Here, Only Epic Puns AnimeCon Harem - It's been a little while since I've read this one, but I remember not knowing if it's supposed to be a farce or taken seriously...or (...)

    12. Re: Looking for a redo story

      RE: Trailer Trash If you're willing to sift through the explicit stories to find the better ones, there are a LOT of do-over stories on  A couple good ones include Lightning in a (...)

    13. Re: Anything good or enjoyable

      If you like Eldritch stuff I might suggest either Love Crafted or The Stars Have Eyes which are both kind of Eldritch comedies.

    14. Re: Recommendations on some light-hearted romance in a modern setting.

      A story called Magic by Lazlo Zalezac on storiesonline might count.  Sorry for not linking directly, but you should be able to find it by googling it.  It's pretty light-hearted and absurdist hurmor story. (...)

    15. Re: LITRPG wherein "equipment" such as Leotards, Chainmail Bikinis, Short Skirts etc are enforced?

      The clothing in the anime Kill la Kill may count.  IIRC the skimpier the clothing, the more powerful the effect. Numerous tabletop RPGs have magical items that act as armor and negate the need for suits (...)

    16. Re: Looking for Progression Fantasies (preferably non-LitRPG)

      Savage Divinity - oops, there's a harem in this one, but it doesn't really solidify until near-ish the end of the story If you're good with super-powers there's Law of Averages Dao of Magic Essence (...)

    17. Re: stories with expansive and interesting worldbuilding?

      Wandering Inn  Millennial Mage There is No Epic Loot Here, Only Puns This Used to Be About Dungeons Metaworld Chronicles

    18. Re: Any "soft" System Apocalypse's? Like Dean Henegar's Tales From The Upgrade, where even rednecks adapt surp(...)

      If it helps I had a similar thread back in November It has nothing to do with rednecks, but one story I found with a softer System Integration was the (...)

    19. Re: Good Magical girl + Litrpg stories?

      You'll have to find it yourself because I forgot where I read it, but there was a Sailor Moon / Dungeon Keeper crossover called Dungeon Keeper Ami floating around the internet.