MC puts little thought into his actions

The story is decent but as mentioned in the title MC doesnt put ANY thought into  his future actions, it was somewhat understandable when he made those decisions at the spot but when he dives into dangerous mountains because he wants to see humans he has no basis to conclude are actually there, it becomes a too blatant device to put mc into another dangerous situation he survives thanks to his WILLPOWER that every MC seems to possess. Sadly im not too intrested in reading about another mentally impaired main character, otherwise it is decent I guess.

The Abandoned Sorcerer

Gotta say that author delivered on his promises regarding next novel. I would say that its already significantly better than the mad one and the only thing I could wish for is a bigger amount of chapters to properly gauge the long term potential of the story. Nevertheless its a fantastic read so far.

Wang Zen: Path of Commonity

Honestly I can see why the score for the character is so low. That is because mc is not very likable. Its the opposite even but you can also see how a character like this could develop and is very realistic. People dont seem to like it because they can see how easily they can behave like this is these situations and they dont like it. Thats why i would say that the 0.5 star rating for the character is authors success instead of failure. Im impressed to say the least. Very rare thing to see too.

The Scourged Earth

Don't be discoureged by low amount of chapters

As I said in title you should really consider reading this one because it is amazing honestly. Also chapters are quite long so it makes for a longer read one might expect. I really like world building and the author built a unique apocalypse universe where system battles with aliens. Characters so far seem to be a bit one dimensional but it does not impact the story that progresses nicely and is both engaging and entertaining. Did I mention that there are no grammar problems? There aren't and that is a relief because i would't be writing this review or read at all othervise. All in all I would recommend this story to anyone on this site.

An Average Zombie's Path of Evolution
Spoiler: Spoiler


Its a nice story I would say. I would give it 4.5/5 because of slight mistakes that however do not prevent you from enjoying it. Some editing would elevate it to a solid 5/5 title.

Seize the Sky

One of the very best xianxia I have read so far

This. Is. Good. High quality work with quite good grammar.  I could not stop reading until I have read all chapters in one sitting and they are of decent lenght. If only more stories were of this quality I think I would have to quit reading as I would have no time for normal life. I enjoy it and expect a lot from this. Hype

World of Refiners

It moves slowly and nicely. It's a nice change compared  to most of the other cultivation stories. I find it very refreshing.

Kali Yuga

I quite like the story but it needs some proofreading to clear typos and some grammar mistakes.