1. Re: Tana's Reviews 2: Revenge of Something, I Guess

      Inheritors of Eschaton

    2. Re: ModernMilitary/fantasy/Transported to a fantasy world

      I don't normally post my own stuff up here but as there aren't that many stories that fit your criteria:

    3. Re: Out of Time / Legacy I normally wouldn't self-promote, but your description and the story are a very good fit.   Humanity once ruled space, building an empire that (...)

    4. Re: Sci-fi first contact stories.

      The Deathworlders. It’s fucking fantastic. Not on RoyalRoad, but it has its own website. The chapters are all long and as proof of a good author, he makes 3k+ on Patreon PER chapter.Second this.  You (...)

    5. Re: I realize this may be a silly question,

      There's certainly room for stuff that's not in the "popular" genres.  It won't be as easy to get viewers, of course, because some folks just enjoy reading genres they already know they like.  You might (...)

    6. Re: Any Kindle Unlimited must reads?

      Terry Mancour "Spellmonger" Series That's all I came here to say, carry on. Actually, if you like xianxia Will Wight's "Cradle" books are a decent take on that genre that attempt to address some (...)

    7. Re: Space Military Novel, Super Soldiers on steroids

      Found it. It's called deathworlders and has its own site. Would highly recommendIf you're going after Deathworlders you may want to check out the recommended reading order.  The stuff on the site is (...)

    8. Re: The Pledge (Details)

      Nothing fancy - just posting a notice that this story will be finished.