Fantastic Journeys Through the Stars

Fantastic Journeys Through the Stars
144 pages

Notice : I had been hospitalized for the last 3 weeks because of illness. Thankfully it was not Covid-19 but my left eye developed Uveitis and I had a high fever running for a while. Furthermore, the medication included a high amount of steroid pills and drops which caused severe immuno deficiency, so my health isn't the best atm. The series will go on Hiatus until further notice. DO NOT donate on patreon. If you accidentally do, please apply for a refund.

Arthur Tullett always led an average life. All he ever wanted was to get a stable job, marry a caring wife, be a fun father, and live without regrets.

All that came crashing down when his magic wielding, tentacle swinging, Cthulhu horror of a baby sitter paid him a visit. Before he knew it, things escalated out of control, and common sense became a thing of the past.

Now he has to venture across the universe solving mysteries left unexplained for eons. Meet bizarre civilizations full of alien wonders, and save them from cosmic terrors out there to gobble them up.

Join him on this fantastic journey full of laughter and passion through the stars.

Important Disclaimers:

Releases: 3k-4k words per week.

Chapter length : 2k words on average.

This story contains no harem. I will show when I have to, and tell when I have to. English is my 4th language.

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Cast Under Ellitis

Cast Under Ellitis
46 pages

Ellitis, a world of sword and magic. Massive in size, with most of its surface unexplored. Where dragons and spirits dwell amongst men and demi-humans, where gods and devils alike barter with mortals and immortals.

Beautiful as it might seem, mystical even, Ellitis is not a world for the frail. It is a place where the strong prey upon the weak, and where the weak struggle with every fiber of their being to overthrow the strong.

It is here, in an unsuspecting corner of this world, that an unfortunate soul was born an orphan by the mischief of beings untold.

Eliot Wyon, formerly known as Eliot Alderman, was just a mediocre engineering student in his past life. Perhaps without any help, this life of his will be just as boring as his last. But throw in an impish ex-goddess to help him along. Maybe, just maybe, he could make this life a bit more interesting. 

----------------------------------------**Author's Note**----------------------------------------

Hello Everyone, I am Vi, Cat Vi.

This is my first attempt at writing a story. I am a complete beginner at this. The closest thing to an organized story I’ve ever written is essay reports back in high school.

There might be syntax errors and weird language all over the place. So, apologies in advance.

I’ll be trying my best to make this story as interesting as possible, and with your feedback I am sure I can make something nice out of it.

Constructive criticism is appreciated. And you are welcome to comment any errors you might notice. I’ll try to fix them up as soon as I can.

For now, I don’t have a schedule. But if the story gets traction, I will try to work something out.

**Cover Image Drawn by me.

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