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User experience is very important to us. We understand that advertisements can be annoying, slow, and overall disturbing to you. At the same time, Royal Road® requires money to maintain, administrate and develop.

We've decided on the price for the Reader Premium package so it's not overwhelming, but it is still plenty to support the website if enough people subscribe. At the same time, we've felt that just removing the ads for our supporters is simply not enough; we should offer more.

Hence, we've come up and developed the features you can see below, and we have additional features planned for our supporters.

Reader Premium

Ad-free browsing experience for readers, with push notifications and visuals to show your support of Royal Road

  • No Advertisements
  • Push Notifications
  • Premium Badge
  • Golden Post Border
  • Full Reading History
  • Monthly Avatar Borders
  • Early Access to New Features
  • Custom Profile Header
  • Support Royal Road!

Author Premium

Everything in reader premium, plus features tailored to help you improve your productivity and get a better picture about your readers

  • Everything from Reader Premium
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Review Push Notifications
  • Customizable Fiction Header
  • ePub Export
  • Find & Replace
  • Automatic Draft Saving
  • Chapter Import
  • Collaborators