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wazzap wazzap ago

Fan fiction shouldn't be just a tag, but also somehow include which story the author is writing about

Now, I have no idea about the legal side of things, but I think that when a fiction is tagged as "Fan Fiction" somewhere it should also say which works it is borrowing from. For me personally it would help a lot, because when I see "Fan Fiction" I immediately ignore it, even though for certain ones I'd probably enjoy reading it.
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Julius Rictor Julius Rictor ago

Recommended Changes to the Review/Rating System

I've recently gotten an influx of reviews for my story. While they've been largely positive, I think they give too much power to the reader to ruin an author's hard work with no recourse on the author's part. Because of this, I have suggestions that will make them more fair without ruining the reason they are there. [1] Everyone who completes a rating/review must comment "why" with their account attached. I don't care if it's a good or a bad rating, it doesn't help me as an author to get a five-star rating or a one-star rating without knowing what I did good or bad. This small change would also get rid of trolls and bad-faith actors spamming novels for no reason, as an author can more easily report them. We cannot do that when the bad ratings are anonymous, though clearly trolling. People can already put fake names on their accounts, so they can freely speak their minds if they care enough to rate. Reviewers in the real world do this with their faces and job titles attached and they still have the guts to do the work. Requiring someone with a fake name and picture to explain why they love/hate something is a bare minimum I think most authors would agree with implementing. We as the authors are putting ourselves out there to create something. The least our critics and fans can do is show their investment in word form as well. This will likely decrease how many ratings occur on the site, but it will make the ones that do occur more meaningful for the authors. At the very least, allow a toggle in the book page for anonymous reviews/ratings with a "lockout" feature so authors can't abuse it by turning it on and off at will to skirt the algorithm. Even if I only had 5 worded reviews and nothing else with this enacted, they would mean more than a random assortment of out-of-context numbers going up and down. [2] Authors should be allowed to reply directly to all reviews/ratings. These reviews in a vacuum completely take away any agency an author has to "plead their case." For example, I've already used my chapter comments to dissuade confused and angry people. Some readers don't read very carefully. That's fine. People read how they read. Other times, readers perceive things in a story that you may not have intended or are just wrong. But I can only explain or clarify things in comments, not reviews...where many prospective readers go to decide if they want to read or not. A "reply" allows the author to "debate" a review. If someone is reading through a story's reviews sees a bad review, then a reply from the author rebutting or explaining the valid/invalid points of the reviewer, it'd allow both sides to meaningfully interact with a perspective reader rather than just the reader who's less invested than the one creating the novel. Now, I know this was already discussed in an earlier thread, but I think the solution to earlier complaints is simple. Only the Author can reply to a review. Once its locked in, the author cannot change the reply nor the reviewer. Or something along those lines. Maybe if the reviewer changes, the author can again as well. Something to make people actually think about what they're writing. It really shouldn't be a place to rant and rave about a review, just defend your case once and succinctly, allowing the author to provide a genuine response. And if they happen to look bad in their reply, it only proves the reviewer right. I tend to believe in the intelligence of people to discern the truth between two arguments. [3] Authors should be allowed to set a "starting point" for reviews. All of my bad reviews come from my "Introduction from the Author" chapter which doesn't have any story content on it, so they're clearly not indicative of any "meaningful" rating to help other readers know if my story's good or bad. Likewise, if I'm planning, for example, a 12-novel series, a review at chapter 3 in the first volume isn't a real representation of what the story is or will be. I think there are two ways to handle this. One, people can rate individual volumes separately. Two, there's a series rating that can be set by the author at a determined "chapter" where when people legitimately read to that part, they can rate the series. Maybe even allow a time limit upon initial creation of the book that the author can set, like "Delay Allowing Reviews/Ratings until [00/00/0000] date" so the author can plan to create a sufficient amount of content before that point. [4] I think authors should be allowed to turn off ratings/reviews on their stories. For me, I want them because it helps me know whether my story is good or not (though the other changes I suggested would help me determine that better). For other people writing for fun, they don't need to be critiqued by Thomas1838Massy (made this up) telling them "they suck" and discouraging them from using the site. There's so much stress in the world. If people use writing to calm themselves down or conclude a rough day, letting people critique something that isn't really being made for "that" seems like it would hurt user retention or budding authors who would otherwise use the site more. I know there's a way to "hide" them, but I mean disable them. Completely. Then just remove the person from the rating list permanently. At its core, the rating/review system makes this site unique, but it has some flaws. I think implementing at least changes #1 and #2 would be a big help to the authors that drive people to this site each day. With everything and in life, all things can be improved.
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Deleted Deleted ago

Exclude humanoids from Non_human mc tag

Hey there,

I enjoy reading books with monsters/animals/AI as the main character, so I tend to look for the Non_human MC tag a lot. One issue I've found looking for books like this is that the non_human tag also includes every humanoid race. Books about elves, dwarves, etc. tend to have settings, societies and conflicts almost identical to those about human main characters, whereas stories about non humanoids are wildly different. 

I think books like this should get their own tag, or that the non_human mc tag be updated to exclude humanoid species that are so similar to humans. Thank for your consideration

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SomethingWitty SomethingWitty ago

Sort reviews by date

Unless I'm missing it, there's no way to sort reviews by date, so I can see the newest ones. Which seems like the third thing you'd put in when designing how reviews work.

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msng msng ago

Tweaks to New Edit Suggestion Feature

I used the new edit suggestion. I like how it saves your reading place after making a suggestion, but the formatting of the proposed edits can make it hard to find what was changed. Particularly for small ones like saying correcting "its vs it's" typos. Possibly consider bolding the entire affected word, instead of just highlighting additions in green coloured font and deletions in red coloured font?

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TEZofAllTrades TEZofAllTrades ago

Earlybird Review Feature/Achievement?

Basically, the idea is that the first 1-5 reviews a book ever receives would count as "Earlybird reviews" and would count toward a new Earlybird Achievement for the 5 members who reviewed. The Achievement badge levels would then increase based on the number of Earlybird reviews each user has given.

I think this would be a really quick and easy way to reward people who review others in a new way, but primarily, encourage users to review new and undiscovered books (which are likely to be those with less than 5 reviews)!

As the site grows, recognition for new and undiscovered stories is going to become more and more of an issue. I think this could be a quick-win to help get ahead of that and drive even more users to the New Releases and Latest Updates pages, as well as any other features added in the future to enhance search & discovery of those titles. Quick discovery of quality new books because of Earlybird reviews may also help shake up the rankings.

Unlike anonymous Ratings, reviews include your username along with your comment and rating, which should help alleviate concerns about review-bombing for the Achievement.

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TofuuKnight TofuuKnight ago

Average words per chapter.

average word per chapter, and let the writer add exceptions (eg chapters that are simply there to announce something) and let the reader see which ones those are and how many words are on them. The writer could have a dropdown list of reasons the chapter is an exception, eg announcement or other, and in 'other' they could specify the reason. This could also have a little non intrusive word count at the bottom or top of the chapter.
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deedree deedree ago

Comment Sort by Reputation

By making it possible to sort comments by reputation we can ignore the obnoxious "first" and mandatory "tftc" comments.

This way we can see the highest / most interesting comments on the first page after the chapter.

The feature can be extended by sorting or pinning the comments that are starred by the author.

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wose wose ago

Adding a Ko-fi button

I would like to request that the option to add links to Ko-Fi profiles are set up, as Patreon and PayPal are popular alternatives but some of us may have chosen other platforms

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SenescentSoul SenescentSoul ago

Viewing more than 10 notifications, finding new comments, searching comments

I suggest adding a way to view more than 10 notifications. As an author, I get a bunch of comment notifications and it makes it easy to miss things. If there is a way to find old ones, I haven't found it. I need to review the comments page on my fiction to find them. If there was a different notification in there, such as one for a review, it gets lost. Would also be nice to sort by category. Basically I want a full-featured inbox for notifications, perhaps PMs as well.

Regarding comments, it would be good to have a "new" flag or something shown next to comments that you haven't read yet. Not just for authors, but for everyone reading a chapter. In the author's comments page on a fiction, it would be nice to show what the comments were in reply to, perhaps as an option.

It would also be nice to be able to search comments, both for authors and readers. As a reader, I want to know if the typo I found has already been reported. As an author, I want to be able to quickly find where someone said something across all my chapters.

Sorry if any of this exists and I just haven't found it. Please let me know if that is the case.

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TheODe TheODe ago

Add OpenDyslexic font

I have been using OpenDyslexic font on my Kindle for a while now and it has made reading for me much easier and more comfortable. I only have relatively minor dyslexia and I can read mostly without major problems, but this font has made reading for me more enjoyable and less straining.

I like to read on my tablet so I and certainly many other dyslexics would appreciate adding OpenDyslexic for font selection because forcibly changing typeface is not as simple on tablets as it is on PC.

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Deleted Deleted ago

Internal links on Referral on author analytics.

Referrals on author premium analytics should include where readers find the story on Royal Road. Such as from Latest releases/best rated/Popular/Trending etc. It would give a way for an author to focus on the best channels to gain traction.

Most come from new chapter uploads? -> Release more often

People start streaming in from Best Rated? -> Do ratings drive

Popular this week? -> Keep/increase release schedule

Also, the data is simply interesting. 

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SinWirk SinWirk ago

New story tag for Flawed MC?

I would love for RR to add a tag for Flawed MC. I struggle finding stories with characters that are believable and not the posterboy for Hollywood. The stories I find are few and far between, and I don't think I'm the only one who like these type of stories.

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Endless Paving Endless Paving ago

Most-Active Rankings

I think it might be useful if there was a most-active ranking list along with the active only list that sorted any Ongoing best rated fictions by how active they are instead of merely whether they are active.

Perhaps like a best rated this week, or something which sorts the most active fictions by how highly rated they are, which might also encourage authors to update more if they are prone to hiatus

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Bored monster Bored monster ago

It gets annoying searching and not finding it.

Please give us site notifications when the novel we are or were reading gets deleted off the site. It's annoying having to search for it and find out it's not there. Especially when you've forgotten the name.

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Burning Desire Burning Desire ago

Option to filter out certain authors

I think being able to filter out certain authors, tags, genres etc so you do not see them in Latest Updates at least would be a good idea. Some users of the site spam content out that makes it more difficult for people to find what they are actually looking for. Mason for example, has 20 ongoing fictions and updates at least 3 or 4 of them on a daily basis it seems like. This is very annoying, I dont want to see what are probably translated chinese romance novels when im looking for original fiction updates. I doubt he is the only one that spams Latest Updates in this way either.

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Kirbyisgreen Kirbyisgreen ago

Make 1st chapter submission be draft instead of immediate release

When I submit request for new fiction, I'm fine with including the first chap, but it then immediately releases it whenever it gets approved. The notice on the new fiction submission says that it can take anywhere from 0 to 48 hours, that is a huge and uncertain time frame.

As an author, I imagine people would like to be able to control that first chap release so you could just let the 1st chap sit as a draft instead.

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Hephaestus0 Hephaestus0 ago

Filter the entire site for certain tags that you can select in your settings.

So you would select Sci-Fi for example and then all stories with that tag would be filtered from the front page. The site has this, it asked me when I made my account if I would like to filter stories based on certain tags. You can also update this list in you profile settings. Your preferences are also exported to the advanced search page.

This really increased the visibility of all the mangas that I might want to read and I think it would do the same for the stories on royalroad. I also think it would help with negative reviews based on content that was already tagged by the author. I mean those reviews that complain about sex or something else, while the tags clearly warn that it will be present in the story. 

Just to make it clear I do not believe any stories should be filtered by default and I like a good sexual story just as much as the next person but I have grown quite tired of all those Harem stories where the girls are somehow impressed by the main character even though he is an idiot.

I know that this is a lot to ask and would probably involve a lot of backend changes to make it work, but I also think that this will have a lot of added value and you might be able to use the same code for other features.

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Jessica_Cohen Jessica_Cohen ago

Add more gender options to profiles.

It's ridiculous that if you're not "male" or "female" your only option is to leave that section of your profile blank. Let people type in their gender or pronouns instead.

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R.A.Hayden R.A.Hayden ago

Use the "Russian Judge" method to unskew reviews

When I started my current work, I got some wonderful 5-stars out of the gate and great feedback and encouragement. And then I made a mistake. I updated some author's notes to warn that my work was going to have LGBTQ+ content, and what other elements some readers might not enjoy. Immediately, I got sacked with a bunch of 0.5s, which just truly stung, because you could tell why. Decades ago, Russian judges at the Olympics were known to score gymnasts ridiculously low for US-Ally countries, and perfect 10s always for Eastern Block countries, rather than objectively, and so the scoring was updated to ignore the highest and lowest scores. My proposal would be to drop some percentage of the highest and lowest rankings work, which reduces the impacts of outliers in either direction. Those rogue 0.5s would be discounted, and artificially high reviews would be as well. Perhaps drop the highest and lowest 10% of votes. Mathematically, this has little impact on a work's score, as good works are going to have 4's and 5' galore, but prevents good works from being lost in the haters. There's nothing more disheartening that knowing a few haters can destroy someone's visablity.
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Yuanmi Latte Yuanmi Latte ago

Give a reason (however short) for unfollowing a writer's work

The humbling experience of losing followers aside, it would be helpful to know why.

It can - and should - be anonymous. But I wholeheartedly believe it will make me a better writer to know why someone chose to not read on.

That's all. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk. 

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starvingsloth starvingsloth ago

I want to be able to change my gem that I have unlocked

User Story: As a user, I want to be able to change my gem on wardrobe just like the level border, so I can pick the prettiest one I have unlocked up to that point

Now that we can change the level border on wardrobe setting, I hope that we can also change the gem on wardrobe. There are prettier gem that I like that I want to use than my current one. 

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YuDodis YuDodis ago

Gift premium

I quickly searched the site but could not find anything related to it:

It would be cool to be able to gift premium to users, it would be a nice gesture to an unknown reader that was nice to the person making it or let's say I want to support RoyalRoad some more than with just one premium, I could gift it to a friend.

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Pandaviking Pandaviking ago

splittind the "dungeon" tag into "dungeon crawler" and "dungeon core".

currently the "dungeon" tag lumps both stories where the protgonist/s are adventurers diving into one or several dungeons, and dungeon core / dungeon master novels where the protagonist is responsible for creating and/or improving/managing the dungeon. both genres are good, but when you are looking for one type of story and the list is filled with the combined mass of both genres it gets a bit frustrating.
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KurtMKing KurtMKing ago

Discipline Notifications

Currently, the All Notifications page does not show users which notifications are not checked/viewed yet, meaning that if you have plenty of them beyond what shows up in the dropbox, you'd have to rely on memory and guesswork to know which one is the newest read notification or oldest unread notification. This becomes a hassle, and it would be much easier to just delete read ones from the dropdown box to see if the older ones are unread or not.

Also, according to someone else, it doesn't properly remove notifications from the All Notifications Page that you delete until after you refresh the page.

I am proposing that this page be put through correctional behavior therapy to fix these issues with it for ease of access. Otherwise, there is no true point to this page.

Its older brother, the Notifications Dropdown box, seems to be behaving as it always have, and I know there's an issue with Reviews/Achievement notifications not dimming after being checked due to the way the notification system works that can't be fixed without completely clearing all notifications from the site.

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Noxvis Noxvis ago

Sort Follow List

Rather than always being sorted by last updated, give the ability to sort in other ways, such as prioritzing stories with chapters you haven't read yet. After all, when I go to my follow list, it's to look for something to read, and if I'm caught up on a bunch of the stories that were last updated, but am not caught up on older ones, I end up having to scroll a fair bit and/or change pages.

Similarly, having the option to switch the sorting from decending to acending would be nice, as I consistently forget about stories that I have on my follow list and are completed, but I haven't finished reading yet, so they are constantly at the very bottom of the last page of my follow list.

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Magual Magual ago

The History page should link to the last chapter in a book you actually read (not the next one)

Since I don't always finish the chapter I'm reading and have to stop mid way... I find it annoying that if I come back to the "History" page, the link for the story takes me to the NEXT chapter rather than the one I was actually reading last. Since when is a chapter I haven't gotten to yet an appropriate link for my History page?

I would really rather not have to click on the link to the next chapter (which, incidentally, then changes my History link to the NEXT chapter after that... *sigh*) just to click on the Previous Chapter button in order to get back to where I was going.

But maybe it's just me.

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FranklyWrites FranklyWrites ago

Allow Ream as alternative to Patreon in donation button

I saw an existing idea ( for closer integration of Patreon and RR where readers mention that they hate the reading experience on Patreon. There's actually a brand-new platform called Ream that aims to solve this problem. (It publicly launches in May, but it's functional now.) It's pretty much exactly like Patreon, but it's built with authors and readers in mind, and includes an in-browser e-reader. The reading experience would be similar to on here (you can customise fonts, colours etc., iirc), so definitely a step up from Patreon. As an author, this would be great for me because I plan to use Ream and I'd love to put the link in an 'expected' place. Would it be possible to, in the "Support 'xyz'" section at the bottom of chapters where the Patreon option is, give authors the option to use a Ream link instead?
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Litrpg101 Litrpg101 ago

Quotes in forums should be changed

I don't know if desktop has the same problem, but on mobile if you quote some ten times, you quickly end up having to scroll through several seconds of conversation to get to the next post. Given that qouted posts often qoute the post directly above them, you can quickly get to the point where you have to scroll for several minutes. This isn't people just trying to troll either, it just happens naturally.

How do we fix this? I've seen people talking about a hard limit on the number of quotes, but that would inconvienence anyone trying to quote a long conversation from a different page.

I say after a certain amount of quotes, it collaspes automatically, and you have to click to uncollaspe it. You could also probably code it in a way that could fix the problem of multi-quoted posts eventually only showing one letter at a time!

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Andar Andar ago

"Help an Author" Access options

I think it would help improve quality if you would have the option to allow specific members read-only access to the draft section of a story.

This would be used for beta-readers or spellcheckers and similiar cases and would help the author to improve quality by having someone else go over the chapters before they are published.

Read-only (or preview only) to prevent someone else messing up the story by accident, perhaps with an option to place comments about errors found (although that could easily be handed by private messages and is not really needed).

The author would have to add the member name to the story in order to give that access (how the author finds someone would be his own problem, as well as deciding who to give that access to)

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snorin snorin ago


an achievement for reading (x) books(or pages since most books differ in size) within a year.

It would be a nice little achievement for us who don't do much else other than reading

it can be relatively easily achieved since the site already keeps track of what chapter you are on, and even gives you your reading history. While it can't be accurate if  people aren't honest, it would be a great one in my eyes as someone reads a lot.

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Scarlust Scarlust ago

Adding a recently completed fictions section.

I had a look at the completed fictions page the other day and noticed that despite the amount of fictions on the site and how long it's been around there have only been 34 pages worth of them. This felt rather low to me so I decided to have a think about ways to incentivize more authors to complete their fiction instead of entering hiatus. With the suggestion to make completing fiction easier has recently been planned I felt like this is probably a good time to make this suggestion too.

My suggestion is rather simple. Create a section which displays the recently completed fictions to incentivise authors to finish their stories for an increase in viewers. I understand that this is possible to find using specific settings on advanced search but a space for the section on the home page or as it's own tab would drastically increase people checking them out.

That said, this feature would definitely be prone to abuse and certain types of fiction will benefit more. Splitting your arcs into seperate books or intentionally writing shorter fictions so you can get that time on the front page would both be issues which aren't strictly wrong but ways to game the system.

There's also the potential community mindset shift which will occur after a while. Whilst there will be more authors aiming to finish, readers may switch to a style of reading where they mostly check out the completed fiction reducing the amount elsewhere. I'm not certain if that trade off is worth it as it might further lower the number of people reading new fictions. Contrary to this though, it is a method that will always reward an author for completing their work which I think is great for authors who never got views through trending and have continued writing all the same.

TL;DR: Section on hompage for new fictions would be good. Could be abused. Might change community mindset. Great reward for authors who didn't get on trending.

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Raladur Raladur ago

way to access "not interested" list

pretty sure i accidentally clicked not interested on mobile layout more than once and now i do not remember what story i cant see anymore...

way to access not interested list with chance to remove the tag would be awesome.

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Flamebeard Flamebeard ago

Allow readers to see the rating distributions

Amazon does this if you want an example. 

This could appear on the fiction page. 

The benefit is that different distributions are far more telling than the average. 

Plus, it would be cool.

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Ryan English Ryan English ago

4.5 vs 5 star ratings should be more obvious to the person giving the rating

I had this problem, and a friend of mine also just complained about it. When clicking the stars to give ratings, it's almost impossible to tell whether you clicked 4.5 or 5 stars. It's hard to tell just by looking and there's not enough other feedback. I believe this should be changed.

Possible solutions include making the star icons 2-3x bigger or showing a box with the number right next to the stars.

Open General
Ryan English Ryan English ago

Analytics request: what chapter someone was on when they left the rating

There are a couple similar ideas, but I'd specifically like to be able to see what chapter someone was reading when they gave me a particular rating. No reason to de-anonymize it. I'm thinking maybe something like when you mouse over the dot and it says "5 Star Ratings on <date>: 2" it would also say "Chapters: 11 and 55"

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Thaabit Thaabit ago

Allow us to make custom lists similar to "read later" or "favorites"

We would be able to make lists just like read later or favorites, but with our own titles like: Read later 2, Sci-fi books, Books I dropped due to Grammar, Books to read on Hiatus, Books I probably won't like but need to have listed in case there's absolutely nothing else to read, etc.

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Julius Rictor Julius Rictor ago

Earning Money on Royal Road - Chapter Paywalls

I've been reading on Royal Road without an account for a while and have recently started adding my own book here and linked a Patreon a month ago. It has been amazing to see people move over there to support me, but I really wish there was a way to do that here on Royal Road. My solution? It'd be nice to charge small fees per-chapter for advanced chapters through the site for "advanced access." For example, lets say I was starting a book and had 20 chapters coming out once a week, but had 50 chapters in a backlog. I'm not incentivized to post them all at once because it would limit the amount of potential readers I could reach. But if I could put the remaining 30 behind a small pay wall (like 50 cents to two dollars a chapter depending on size), I could slowly build a backlog as an "option" for those that want to read ahead. I think those chapters for pay should be "hidden" in a way where only the chapters that are made free should be considered "posted" so they can still get on the new-releases, trending, etc. It'd be nice to have that as an option. I think for writers, being able to get paid by the chapter through this site would be better and more flexible than a Patreon or monthly subscription as a by-the-chapter price model would entice way more people than paying for advanced chapters at a fixed, monthly rate. It'd work like other sites, in a way, where you can buy advanced chapters even though they'll be free eventually. For authors, I think this adds a lot more flexibility with creativity and earning potential without them feeling like they have to constantly be churning out chapters. It's also a better deal for the readers since there will still get free chapters posted constantly, they'll just be behind people who are paying. I've been trying to find a way to do this for my own readers, but there is no site that does this. It's all mostly subscription models. I think RR could fill that vacuum. This is a good site and I think it does many things better than others competitors. (Like how the romance genre isn't the dominant book-type) I don't know if my exact system should be implemented, but something of the equivalent. I was thinking in terms of "coins" or "ink" like on other sites, but the idea of buying a large batch of an imaginary money to buy chapters annoys me. I'd rather it said $1 a chapter, and I could buy at my leisure, or all the ones available, knowing that it just let me read it early (not necessarily buying the chapter itself; maybe that could be an option as well). RR could take a percentage of each purchase per-chapter so that there's an incentive for the site to build additional money on top of the sites ads and Premium. It could be an additional features within premium, I suppose. I think something like this would work well for both creators and RR by generating revenue for both parties and keeping stories here on Royal Road rather than having people flee to other sites to monetize. I'd prefer a vibrant community here with more readers than just a starting point for people to build an audience and leave. I'd like for RR to become a mega-giant for independent light novel creators that could have originals and contracts with people that might lead to partnerships for comics or a TV show. To do that, good authors need to be able to make money, otherwise they'll jump ship and head to Kindle Unlimited. Just a thought. I'm sure something like this has been considered, but, as an author, this would be a nice addition I'd chose over a Patreon or like-minded site.
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mythdefiant mythdefiant ago

Countdown for Stories moving from the Site

Readers are often surprised and frustrated by stories which suddenly get removed from RR (usually for Kindle Unlimited's exclusivity agreement). Not too long ago, Melas changed the title of Salvos *every single day* in an effort to warn readers. Even when authors try to give good faith announcements like this in advance, readers don't always notice them in time. I think a new status + countdown might help this communication. Authors can set the date that they plan to enroll in KU or otherwise remove chapters from the site like they can already change some of the 'completed', 'hiatus', 'dropped', or 'stubbed' statuses. Possibily, a notification could accompany this change and be sent out to followers of the story, especially for those whose bookmarks are in the affected chapter range (or volume might be easier to implement and more convenient for users). I thought a feature like this has potential to benefit readers and authors alike. Thanks for any consideration given to this idea.
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ShadeHaven ShadeHaven ago

Editor privileges with author's permission.

I think there should be something in place that editors can use. For instance, it is likely editors may work with the authors off platform. However, due to the fact that they can only edit off platform, if a small mistake slips through the seams, or another issue pops up which might cause similar problems, they have to bug the author each and every single time. Sometimes editors can't work off platform, and they have to communicate via comments or messages. 

As an editor for multiple stories myself, this could come in extremely useful. If I'm reviewing previous chapters I don't have to go through to them and say what they might have messed up on chapter by chapter. 

It doesn't really matter the format it is done in, whether the edits need to be accepted in a manner similar to google docs' comment option or if it automatically goes through and a message is sent to the author about the changes, it will help. Though, I suggest doing something with the author having to check it or saving a previous version of the chapter, because there WILL BE that ONE PERSON who messes it up for everyone.


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FlerpDooseMish FlerpDooseMish ago

Have the newest reviews be displayed first for a certain amount of time

Basic idea is to have a certain amount of the newest reviews be displayed first so that newer reviews will actually have a chance at getting seen especially for older series where the top review is often made when there weren't as many chapters.

Example: The first displayed review is the newest review, and will be displayed at the top for a week before it is unpinned from the top.

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santipel santipel ago

Similar novel recomendation

Probably already posted, but I couldn´t find it.

It would be great to be able to see novels that readers who liked this novel also like/read in the novel page. That way it would be easier to look for similar novels instead of trying by tags

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Koor Koor ago

Add a filter to "Trending" that lets you select minimum page count and maximum time since last update

I'd like to be able to see the trending stories that are limited to having been updated in the last week and are over a certain page count.  It sucks to browse trending and have the page get filled with entries that are under 100 pages and haven't been updated in several weeks. 

This would help you find the more active stories (while avoiding the completely unfiltered results of "latest updates") yet give you access to stories that have a bit more substance to them.

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gambitdash gambitdash ago

Vulnerable authors unable to use platform

An author I follow who is not equipped due to mental condition to survive the occasionally brutal (and, alas, toxic) place that is any comment system on the internet consistently avoids using royalroad due to the inability to disable comments.

I understand that comments are a big part of community generation and, along with the review process, a big way that people find new content.

I'd like to, out of respect for creative individuals who are less equipped to deal with commentary (but still have a voice worth hearing), propose the ability to disable on a per-story basis either comments, rating, or both entirely, or blackhole it in such a fashion that comments/rates left do not generate emails, show up on the site, or are visible in any form.

Obviously, disabling may (or may not, depending on architecture) be easier to do, but allowing for users to perform rating and leave comments - as a proxy for activity - but not inflict them on either other readers or on the author would still allow for your promotion systems to work effectively.

I hope a change like this can be made to protect and encourage authors who wish to embrace the platform, but are not willing to subject themselves to the great unwashed masses.

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JeanDRacc JeanDRacc ago

Additional Tags

Hello there, I write this cus I think there are some tags that need to be added as extra. 

I think mystery tag needs to have a separated puzzle tag which doesn't seem "detective" style crime solving. Like having the conspiracy or simple things that make readers to think. Like riddles in the story and the like. 

Also adding a military and a political warfare tag would be good. Some stories have a political tactics approach. Maybe using a Tactical or Logical warfare tag.

Finally, I think instead of xianxia, using an evolution tag for scientifical "god-power achievement" which isn't necessarily sci-fi.  

I mean cultivating and mutating can be used for evolution or longetivity.

Finally a food tag! or Cooking Tag!


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Lord Rune Lord Rune ago

Sort comments by popular, oldest, newest

Make it so that the comment section of each chapter has the option to be sorted by popular, oldest and newest Sorting by popular (most repped comments) will make finding funny comments or discussions a lot easier something that right now requires someone to highjack first to start a discussion or to hope that the person that got first started one themselves I think this is the most important change as right now (except for first page) you need to go through 10 "thanks for the chapter" comments to find a single person who wants to discuss The race for first will still be relevant as you can sort by oldest and see who got it (and maybe add a small badge or something on their avatar so the people who go for first will be recognizable in the popular comment section without having to go to oldest. Thought this one isn't that important and its just so there will still be some prestige from being top 3) And finally people will still be able to show their appreciation with a "tftc" comment showing that they appreciate the authors work
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Duckwrites Duckwrites ago

I would love it if readers had a way to quickly rate individual chapters without having to rate the whole story.

I posted this on the forum yesterday and was given advice to post it here.

Maybe it's something that a thumbs-up or thumbs-down system, it would be extremely helpful as both a reader and a writer on the site.
As a writer, it would help me know when a chapter isn't well-liked even without readers having to put in the effort to write comments, all they would have to do is simply click the button it also would help me know when I'm improving. As not all readers will comment, but many would press a like or dislike button if they saw it.
As a reader it would be nice to express that I really like or dislike a chapter without having to review the whole fiction or write a comment, I may just dislike a chapter but not enough to leave a comment about it.
It gives authors even more information about what their doing wrong or right with something to watch other than views and follows, something specific to the new chapter.
(and also a feeling of validation)
A like could also replace the normal thanks for the chapter comment. I don't know it's just an idea

They definitely shouldn't affect ratings or visibility at all and just be a tool for feedback, so people like honestly and not just to support new writers and authors don't end up begging for likes

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Thoughtful Bean Thoughtful Bean ago

RoyalRoad creates it's own patreon style service.

Something I don't understand about this site is that while it supports it's users using patreon or paypal, they don't create its own website version for it. If you undercut how much money patreon takes from users by like 5%, I don't see why most if not all writers would use this site instead. Not to mention they get to keep stats like daily views and etc that boost their presence on RoyalRoad itself (it shows up on things like popular this week) and allows them to get more readers. This also allows writers to not have to keep up with two separate websites. This isn't even mentioning it'd be a better user experience as patreon does not have dedicated support for readers. Readers on patreon have to read chapters in regular post boxes, the site has no ability to change font size, style, colour, dark mode, and it doesn't have the ability to create boxes for litrpg stories. Overall, RoyalRoad creating it's own patreon style service would be better for both authors and users, while also help funding the site. Can anyone explain to me why RoyalRoad wouldn't want to make this change?
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kanadaj kanadaj Official response ago
The explanation is that we want this very much, but you vastly underestimate the legal complexity of handling money as a middle party, having multiple currencies, having authors *and* readers from a vast number of different countries, and how much it all costs. Undercutting Patreon is virtually impossible; the best we can ever hope for is to provide a better service instead. There are further complications, such as the country RR is based in, the fact that we are working on a mobile app but Google and Apple have conditions that mysteriously do not apply to Patreon's mobile app, but otherwise enforce a 30% (yes, THIRTY PERCENT) revenue cut from any transaction, and other minor annoyances. And beyond that, you find the difficulty of implementing it all, which is not trivial at all even before involve any financial risks for a financial system. In short, yes, we want this, but it's not exactly as simple as just sitting down and coding it, and neither is the pricing as simple as "just" undercutting Patreon's already low rate by 5%.
Makin Makin ago

Add a "Entire Work" button that loads all chapters in one page, like AO3's

ArchiveOfOurOwn has a feature that allows readers to click a button to show all chapters of a story in a single page, which is really useful for ctrl+f-ing names, for both readers and authors. (See first button above the chapters)

I think this would be an incredibly useful addition not just for the aforementioned reason, but also accessibility, and a way to save data for people in places with poor Internet connections.

It doesn't seem hard to implement from an engineering standpoint, either. I hope you guys go for it.

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Valint Valint ago

Rescale story ratings so that 3.0 is average

Find the average story on the site.  Adjust the rating so that the average story has a 3.0 score, scaling all of the other ratings accordingly.

At the same time, change the voting system.  Instead of giving a 0.5 to 5 (or 1 to 10) score, have a voter choose from a ranked list of options:

Excellent > Great > Very Good > Good > Fair > Below Average > Not Good > Pretty Bad > Horrible > Unreadable

The selections are easily converted into the standard numeric score currently used, but the use of descriptors would cause the less-than-5 marks to seem more like palatable options.

The goal here is to end up with a rating system in which a 3.5 story is actually a decent one, and where voting 4 on a 5-point signifies that you like a story.

The problem attempting to be solved is that we currently have a rating system in which most of the range is dedicated to parsing out the exact level that people dislike something, which isn't that helpful.

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