A tag for those books that focus completely or heavily on crafting items (High fantasy or cultivation inspired), potions/pills, enchantments/inscriptions, spells, etc. there are many of these books out right now but they are a massive pain to find as there are more books that pop up with the words “not a blacksmith” or “become anything you want even an alchemist” when you search up key profession words rather than books actually about those professions. Some crafting story’s use the ruling class tag because generally crafting and kingdom building fit well together but it would still be nice to be able to pick out pure crafting novels.

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Endless Paving Endless Paving ago

I support this message.

Cristoph A. T. Cristoph A. T. ago

This would be a nice tag to have.

Darklyte31 Darklyte31 ago

A good idea.  The few books I’ve read that have crafting, the main character always ended up going on an adventure, which I think is rather pointless for a crafting novel.  Different POVs’ would be fine using the MCs creations, but he/she should never use them for adventuring his/herself.

JoshuaWiebelhaus JoshuaWiebelhaus ago
Agreed, I enjoy crafting and would like to have that as a search option