Story Collections


Thanks to quality of Royal Road as platform and great authors publishing here I've been introduced to hundreds of new stories in genres I've never encountered before.

With 115 Follows and number of books already finished it can be quite strenuous to get to keep track of the reading list. My numbers are novice when compared to follow counts of other users and I can't imagine trying to find that chapter from 3 weeks ago that I skipped at a time while following 200+ stories.

Add this point splitting books only between Followed, Favourite and Read Later categories is insufficient, especially as both following and adding to favourites is common way of showing support. This leaves effectively two categories in user library.

Allow all users to create book collections from fictions in their library. There should be toggle to allow collection to be private\public and another to have collection link\button featured on the profile page, profile dropdown, overview, bookshelf, below user avatar on site and forums.

Collections feature would allow users to create and showcase variety of books grouping them themes, genre, tag, authos, chapter length and frequency, etc.

Minimum Viable Functionality
Bookshelf -> Collections
  - Create New Collection
    Methods: mark cover tumbnails, search bookshelf\RR, add to collection button on currently existing book listings
  -  Rename Collection
  - Toggle Private\Public
  - Delete collection
  - Text-based alphabetical or curated list of collection
  - List in form of banners\forum signatures with Collection Name overlayed\on top of graphical background (either OPTION 1 preset templates covering common genres\tags or OPTION 2 automatically generated using book covers)

Convenient Features:
  - Suggest based on tags\author\genre from library\RR
  - Suggest based on chapter length\frequency
  - Showcase collection as forum signature
  - For banner Option 2, add little trackers for last read chapter and number of unread chapters
  - Dynamically create collection based on preset criteria like search presets
  - Ability to Like/Rep collections


Open General
Zek Zek ago

YES, PLEASE!!! I have 155 follows, some don’t update or I started when they were in hiatus, but I still want to know if they update. This would let me do that without cluttering up everything, or missing that a hiatused book is being worked on again.

Bookman Bookman ago

Yes please.
i am sick of having to shift throu dozen of pages on the forum for possible lists of my set of genres.

Manga sites often have this feature for the same reason.

So whenever i read a certain story, serveral lists with the same or close to the same tags are shown.
Or even stuff of "Reader who read this story often also read this"

Yes. I definitely need a page for good stories that became slogs, good stubs, all those things. I have like 30 favorites, but I'd also like to make a list of "Track Updates," which are fictions I check for updates (like HWFWM, DotF, and PH). So... Yes. Definitely.