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kanadaj kanadaj ago

Mobile App for RoyalRoad

RoyalRoad in app form, which lets readers have notifications for when books they follow are updated

STATUS UPDATE: The app is currently on hold while we figure out if our other near-future plans would cause a problem with having the app displayed in the app stores.

torvn77 torvn77 ago

I propose to make the counter button "Thanks for the chapter"

It often happens that a discussion of a chapter is filled with posts from different users with exactly the same content: "Thank for the chapter."
I suggest for those who wish to only thank the counter button for writing the chapter, then they will not need to write messages, and for those who want to read the discussion, flip through pages with exactly the same messages.

kanadaj kanadaj ago

Follow Authors

Hey I think we should be able to follow authors so when he/she starts a new project we don't have to search for it you get a little message just like when new chapters are released =] a little like how amazon does but not so intrusive. Maybe we can do this already and i just don't know about it.

By: Malcolm

Sir Norwit Sir Norwit ago

Make it possible for readers to highlight grammatical errors for the author to fix.

Add a  tool for the readers to highlight grammatically incorrect sentences. It would help the author find errors to fix.

Funatic Funatic ago

Comment on Reviews

I would like the option to comment on reviews made on my story. Either to praise them for their thoroughness or to point out what is wrong inside them. Some times, (predominantly negative) Reviews I get on my story will state something blatantly false in order to prove the Reviewers opinion. In such situations, my only recourse is to PM the person, hoping they edit it (something generally met with 'LOL, you suck, you ruined your story!') or report the review for the falsehoods so that the entire thing may be deleted.

I don't want to remove Reviews, even the 0,5 purely bitter ones, but even less do I want new readers to go into the review section and read falsehoods over my work when they are deciding to try reading it or not. As such, I feel it is necessary for me to be able to voice which Reviews are fair are accurately representing my work, somewhere where those new readers could actually see it. The ability to comment on reviews would do so, since I could clear up what is actually clarified in the story.

kanadaj kanadaj ago

"Read to x chapters" option for reviewers

Allows the reviewer to indicate how many chapters he/she has read, similar to what novelupdates has.

Ace Arriande Ace Arriande ago

Following Reviewers

As requested, I'm posting this suggestion here: give users the ability to "follow" others for their reviews. People like to go to sources that they know they agree with for reviewers. Following somebody for their reviews could give them a new notification every time the followed user posts a new review.


Reviewers are rewarded for thorough reviews by gaining a following, perhaps a new set of achievements for them?

Reviewers can bring attention to lesser-known stories by reviewing them.


People could follow a user they don't like for whatever reason to instantly give a downvote to any review they leave whenever a new one is posted.

kanadaj kanadaj ago

Suggest similar fictions

have a fiction page show a list of similar ones

kanadaj kanadaj ago

Half Star Ratings Suggest Reviews

I understand why it can't be required that people write reviews if they do half star ratings, but can it be made so that it suggests that you leave a review, possibly redirecting to another page like if you do an advanced review with too few words, but you can deny it. It would potentially be able to either guilt them into explaining it or removing their review if they don't really know what the book is like or if they are just being haters

tanemrin tanemrin ago

Ratings for Individual Chapters

More than an evaluation of my entire book as a whole, ratings for individual chapters can help me more accurately identify what worked for my readers and what didn't. Ratings are quick and easy to do, I reckon more so than typing out a comment, and can suggest, by comparison with other chapter's ratings, which ones the readers liked or disliked.

Luke Scheffe Luke Scheffe ago

Give Experience for Poll Participation

Give Readers experience for responding to author polls

kanadaj kanadaj ago

Story Completion Options

Just a dropdown box that allows you to change manually whether or not you are on Hiatus, Completed, Cancelled, or Ongoing.

Chroma Chroma ago

Introduce a way for authors to give announcements too their readers without them making a chapter that could mess up bookmark progress if you just want to read the announcement without being up to date with the book.

Basically introduce a type of chapter (or a separate place) where authors can make announcements about their book, many authors do this currently by making a chapter called announcement/important and generally it pertains to the future of the book (something like “don’t worry if I don’t post I’m not dropping but I’ll be out of state for a few days” etc.)  currently unless the placeholder is made to also detect jumps of more than one chapter forward this can screw up where you are in a book if you just want to find out what’s up on a book that you haven’t been keeping up to date on. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked on a announcement chapter from the bookmarks tab on a book I’m not caught up on only to never go back because I can’t find my place.

Headhunter20 Headhunter20 ago

Add a yuri/yaoi Tag

I've noticed that some stories have same sex relationships, this doesn't bother me but some readers may or may not be looking for this type of relationship between the protagonist. So why not add a yuri/yaoi tag with a simple description like "a story where the Protagonist usually prefers the same gender as themselves, which can be Female to Female or Male to Male relationship".

Chroma Chroma ago

Crafting tag

A tag for those books that focus completely or heavily on crafting items (High fantasy or cultivation inspired), potions/pills, enchantments/inscriptions, spells, etc. there are many of these books out right now but they are a massive pain to find as there are more books that pop up with the words “not a blacksmith” or “become anything you want even an alchemist” when you search up key profession words rather than books actually about those professions. Some crafting story’s use the ruling class tag because generally crafting and kingdom building fit well together but it would still be nice to be able to pick out pure crafting novels.

EarlOfDankwich EarlOfDankwich ago

Kindle Tag

I feel that a tag for stories that have been reduced to a couple of chapters because they have been picked up by Kindle would help people decide whether to invest their time. It's quite irritating for me personally because I keep on finding interesting stories that have moved to kindle and I am left with the itch to figure out what happens next. I do get that these authors deserve to get paid for their work I just dont have the money to pay them or Amazon.

CapTillon CapTillon ago

Add an inactive tag showing that the author has stopped writing the story and doesn't plan to continue.

There are plenty of stories on this site that have a hiatus tag displayed and when you look at their page you see that they haven't posted a chapter or update for years. I find this really annoying because I can never tell if it is a good idea to start a story on hiatus because I hate starting a story only to reach the latest chapter and never hear from the author again. This is why I think that either the authors should place a tag or it should automatically be placed on stories that haven't been updated for a long time. 

PrimalShadow PrimalShadow ago

Add filtering for "not interested" to Advanced Search

If someone decided they don't want to read a story by clicking "not interested", they almost certainly don't want to see that story show up in a search. Or at the very least they should be able to specify whether to ignore such stories in any given advanced search.

Vowron Prime Vowron Prime ago

Add Rate/Follow/Favorite buttons at the bottom of every chapter

Today readers need to navigate back to the fiction page to rate/follow/favorite. Especially for ratings that can significantly impact a fiction's rankings, reducing the barrier of entry is of paramount importance. It'd be rad if we could add these - I expect we will see an uptick in the ratings-to-readers ratio.

F.L. Riley F.L. Riley ago

Allow you to click on keyword tags to find other books in that genre

I often try to find books similar in a theme, using tags.  It would be nice to click on a tag an author has marked for their novel to find similar tagged books.

Thaabit Thaabit ago

Please add the Active/Hiatus tags to the "Best Rated" list.

The Active/Hiatus tags only appear in some search results currently. They don't appear in the Best Rated list or the Trending list.  They would be very useful to have, considering some fictions get stuck on those lists that aren't updated often.

kanadaj kanadaj ago

Notifications for new chapters

Get a notification on-site for new chapters. I know there is an email method but I really dislike it. I spend a lot of time on RRL and check it regularly, it'd be very handy if we could simply open the site and see if we had received any notifications rather than manually check each web novel/check our email (which just adds an extra step that need not really be there)

Etzoli Etzoli ago

Add a note in the review box for a new review that reviews cannot be hidden, deleted, or modified in any way by the author

This is a growing source of hostility between authors and readers and a significant source of negative reviews, as generated by readers who perceive an author to be somehow hiding or deleting negative reviews. We're seeing this on more stories recently (a huge wave in the Nixia event, but they still come now, e.g. and it should be addressed.

However, I don't think a site announcement will work here. For one, it only will catch the people currently on the site, and will also not be read by many readers anyway. My proposal is to put a simple note within the review box as default text, which says something like:

"Remember to read the rules (FAQ link) for reviews. Authors cannot modify, censor, or remove reviews in any way." etc.

This should go a long way toward reducing or eliminating this hostility, since it is immediately visible to anyone trying to leave a review, while also not taking up any new space, requiring additional formatting or script changes, etc. Just add a default text attribute to the review contents box :)

Scarlust Scarlust ago

The ability to arrange Read Later

I think it could be useful to have an ordering feature on Read Later so that it is easier to find novels in it months after having added them to the list. These lists can be large and so I think an system which can order the read later section similar to the Advanced Search criteria would be useful. In particular:

  • The Status of Complete, Ongoing or Hiatus.
  • The Order By Functions; Last Update, Release Date, No. Pages and Popularity
  • Genre Selection - Although this might be a bit clunky in the form it is

These would enable people to use Read Later as more than just a jumbled pile of books which you thought the covers looked interesting and would allow users to use Read Later as a way to keep track of Fictions they weren't ready to read/bookmark straight away, giving the option to wait until a books completion before reading it or alternatively not putting the time into books which have been on hiatus for the last 4 years.

(Downside is that it could potentially promote a culture of waiting to see if a novel flourishes before interacting with it which may reduce the views new fictions get. I might be overthinking though)

KingMaster80 KingMaster80 ago


An LGBT+ tag to allow readers to know if a fiction has or not LGBT+ content.

kanadaj kanadaj ago

Last updated

Please put a last updated on the search results as well as how many chapters there are.

Adammax Adammax ago

Add a button to return to the Bookmark page to the bottom of chapters.

I would really like it if I didn’t have to scroll all the way to the top of the page to return to the bookmarks page after I finish read the chapter.

When I come home from work, one of the first things I do is check RRL for any new chapter in the stories I follow. Most of the time there are at least 2 or three different fictions that have published, one or more new chapters. As things currently stand, I have to go to my bookmarks page, look for any new updates in the last 12 hours and then click on the link to a new chapter. Once I read the new chapter, I have to scroll all the way to the top of the page, go back to the bookmarks page and repeat the process for the next story until I am up to date.

I really wish there was a way to streamline this process as all that scrolling can get annoying when using a tablet to access the site.

I can think of a couple ways to improve this. The simplest is just adding a button that will link back to the bookmarks page at the bottom of the chapter.

An even better solution would be if there was a simple button on the bottom of each chapter that the user could click on. Clicking on this would case a short little drop down window to appear listing all the fictions the user has bookmarked that currently have unread chapters. This would eliminate the need for the user to even go to the bookmark page.

Deleted Deleted ago

Rank Degradation for Perma-Hiatus Stories

Looking through the upper ranks of the site, A LOT of the fictions are on permanent hiatus with last chapters being posted like two years ago or even more. A good subset of these permanent hiatus stories even have accounts that haven't even logged on is months or even years.

My suggestion to clean up the rankings is add a degradation system to these stories as they are the least likely to get new readers or ratings. After a story has no updated in lets say 3 months, its rank is slowly decreased until a new chapter is posted, as to not screw over people who do come back to write more. This degradation would be accelerated by the author account not being alone for a set amount of time and if there hasn't been a new rating or review in a set amount of time.

With this rank degradation system in place, new stories will not have to worry about the hundred of permanent-hiatus stories that push them down in rankings simply cause for whatever reason they stop with a high ranking and stagnated there because the average reader is not likely to read a story that isn't completed and haven't updated is such a long time and is even less likely to give it any sort of rating.

kanadaj kanadaj ago

Read/Unread symbol in Bookmarks list

On the My Bookmarks page I have the list with e.g. "Story A: chapter 18 last updated 3 hours ago, chapter 17 last updated 2 days ago. Story B: chapter 97 last updated 1 day ago" and so on. 
It would be great to have a small symbol next to each listed chapter to indicate whether I already read that chapter or not. It would help me not missing an update. 
This shouldn't be too difficult to program as RRL shows "last read chapter" on a story's main page so there seems to be a function already tracing my activity.
A further step would be to apply this read/unread symbol to the chapter list on a story's main page.

kanadaj kanadaj ago

Sort by achievements

I would like to be able to sort authors by achievements so I can easily find an author who's book #1 a long time ago.

Lawkz Lawkz ago

Show number of upvotes on a profile's reviews page

I'd like to see which of my reviews have been upvoted without having to go to the fiction page.

Scott Edwards Scott Edwards ago

More Diverse Payment Options

I know not everyone has a Patreon account and there are also people that don't like Patreon for a variety of different reasons.

Therefore, please add other options such as Subscribe Star, Ko-Fi, etc. (those are just the ones I use and know of).

KurtMKing KurtMKing ago

No More New Releases

Right now, we have "New Releases" and "Latest Updates". When I'm fully awake, I can easily remember that "New Releases" is not "New Chapter Releases" and is "Newest Stories". However, when I'm tired, I have a tendency to think that "New Releases" means "Newest Chapter Releases", and I have heard from others that they do the same thing (only most of them said while awake).

So I propose that we change "New Releases" to "Newest Stories". This is a name-change only, but would be much more clear to site users on what that page is actually for.

Yes, I'm aware it's directly under "Latest Updates". That can honestly be read as site updates, but that's less of an issue. Plus, I have a tendency to read the dropdown box from bottom to top for some weird reason, so my tired brain hits the "New Releases" first, and as I said, I talked with others who have the same issue with mistaking "New Releases" for newest chapter releases.

Deleted Deleted ago

Clicking on the cover on the serials page should show you an enlarged version.

I've often seen nice cover art on Royal Road but when I go to look closer I find that I cannot. There is no bigger version to view and the thumbnail is so tiny and pixelated that it is very hard to even make out what I'm looking at on some. 

The forced upload of a small resolution and size makes no sense in this modern era where most sites with a profile allow for cropping of an image with the correct dimensions

So to sum up;

The ability to upload any size images with an included upload cropper to maintain RR standard 2x1 cover dimensions while still maintaining the large size.

And the ability for the reader to view the large scale version of a serial cover by clicking on it.

CheeseDreamer CheeseDreamer ago

Reviving the dropped stories.

Dropped stories being able to be given to others for continuation with the Author's aproval, the story will be on both accounts, one account will have a "sharing" tag and the other a tag called "shared", and his updates will update the stories on both accounts.

BlueCoffeeJava BlueCoffeeJava ago

Author / User Status Blogs

Let users put up something like a blog, where authors can let their readers know what's going on with their stories without having to post "Not A Chapters" to their books, and where reviewers can highlight their reviews. 

The blogs could even act like a book that just doesn't take up space on the front page, and without getting ratings or reviews. Users could follow those blogs, and then it's up to the blog authors to keep people aware of new stories they're putting together and such.

It would be nice if users could opt in to automatically including the reviews they post on other stories as part of their blog stream, too.

Dawodd Dawodd ago

Option to put polls below chapters.

Fairly self-explanatory, I think.

But currently, when you add a poll to a chapter, they only appear above it. I think it would be nice to at least include the option to put them at the bottom instead.

This would be useful for polls that may include potential spoilers for the chapter itself, or/and for choose your adventure stories. Even though I know that’s a fairly niche genre on RR.

Killashard Killashard ago

Some ideas for the next patch for the V2 follow list

Currently, it only shows the last read and the last update.  Some stories will update multiple chapters at a time, so it only shows the last read and newest chapter, but no option to go directly to the chapter you need to get to.  See The Outer Sphere to see what I mean in the attached pic.

Also, some authors do not use "Chapter ##" as their way of numbering chapters.  For example, Homicidal Aliens and Blue Core in the pic use a different way.  So how am I supposed to know if that is the next chapter I need to read or one that is 15 chapters down the line?

gary0044187 gary0044187 ago

A way to flag toxic reviewers, not just their reviews.

If a reviewer posts one or two negative reviews, that's not much. If they are providing a well thought out but generally negative review, then take it on the chin. But if a reviewer has a tendency of posting toxic and negative reviews, and you don't believe that will have an effect on your content providers as a whole, that's naive in the least. That reviewer is participant in driving away content providers. There needs to be a way to report them, not their review. If you just remove one out of 20 harmful reviews, you have only partially ameliorated one out of 20 problems and the sad fact is, you haven't discouraged them from doing again. And removing the review only modifies stats, while this person's toxic behavior has inflicted far more damage than that.

Mark Hyko Mark Hyko ago

"Surprise me"

The random story generator should not redirect to dropped stories. As is, almost every result is in hiatus. There should at least be an option to select the status of the stories.

Sereminar Sereminar ago

Polls on the Forums

I think it would be really neat to be able to post polls on the forums. Especially for topics like: who uses light mode vs dark mode, or who reads on mobile vs pc etc. It would be a great way to encourage engagement while also being a convenient tool for getting a quick broad strokes picture of different topics/questions.

TheHunted TheHunted ago

Reading Progress (or what most people think of as a bookmark)

Hello, my idea is to change the way the “Reading Progress” (what people would usually consider as a bookmark) system works.  Currently it places the marker on the last chapter you have opened, which is okay in theory until you realize you can be screwed over by opening a notification about a new reply to your comment that you posted on chapter 43 of a book with 800+ chapters (The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound anyone? Good luck me at finding where I left off since I know I was at least 300 into it.)

My idea was to change the “Reading Progress” to update when you click the “Next Chapter” button or from links in the bookmarks page.  I know this would require a lot more work (particularly from the bookmarks page, changing how the next chapter button works to add a flag to update your reading progress would be much easier I’d think.) but it would mean you could use the notifications about comments without suddenly updating where you supposedly left off.

I find that updating the reading progress by just clicking any link to a chapter to be rather annoying and usually defeats the purpose of a marker of where you left off, that's why I think limiting it to the next chapter button would work better.

spaizzzer spaizzzer ago

Reader top 10 lists & suggestion system

Suggestion :

1. Allow each user to create a personal top 10 list. They can choose to make it public or private.

2. Allow other users to like those top 10 lists. 

3. Build a suggestion system based on fics who are in other people's top 10 lists. 

4. Later on, annual lists or tag-specific lists. 

5. Possible to consider, a rating system  based on how many top 10 lists a fic is in.

Ryan English Ryan English ago

All starred ratings should be public.

I've seen a lot of complaints that authors are downvoting their competition, and I can't think of any reason why ratings don't show the person who gave them. Ratings are always public--Steam, Google Maps, etc, and there's no reason they shouldn't be here. Public ratings would have two benefits--better behavior from authors (assuming that happens) and users, and if the possible emergence of 'tastemakers', people whose ratings on things we agree with and who lead us to discover new fiction.

Maybe it's just sour grapes from me, but I got into a political argument in the discord yesterday and woke up this morning to two 0.5 star ratings. Perhaps the people who rated it came across my fiction through the normal channels, read a chapter or two, and decided it was bleeding cancer. Perhaps. But I don't believe that's the case.

frato frato ago

Link your Patreon account

Most of the authors give advance chapters to their patrons. However Patreon is not made to be a reading platform.

I think that keeping Patreon for authors as a way to remunerate themselves is really important, so that they can be independent from RR if they need it.

However I think that RR could implement Patreon more deeply:
- Using Patreon API, add a "Link your Patreon account" button on the readers profile page
- Readers can view the Authors they support in Patreon directly on RR.
- Authors can publish advance chapters to their Patrons on RR.

You keep Patreon to manage the subscriptions, but you keep the readers on RR. This improvement as some advantage:
- The most devoted readers stay on RR.
- The stats of the novel will then take into account patreons readers.

You can also put this feature only for Author Prenium.


krebain krebain ago

Story Collections


Thanks to quality of Royal Road as platform and great authors publishing here I've been introduced to hundreds of new stories in genres I've never encountered before.

With 115 Follows and number of books already finished it can be quite strenuous to get to keep track of the reading list. My numbers are novice when compared to follow counts of other users and I can't imagine trying to find that chapter from 3 weeks ago that I skipped at a time while following 200+ stories.

Add this point splitting books only between Followed, Favourite and Read Later categories is insufficient, especially as both following and adding to favourites is common way of showing support. This leaves effectively two categories in user library.

Allow all users to create book collections from fictions in their library. There should be toggle to allow collection to be private\public and another to have collection link\button featured on the profile page, profile dropdown, overview, bookshelf, below user avatar on site and forums.

Collections feature would allow users to create and showcase variety of books grouping them themes, genre, tag, authos, chapter length and frequency, etc.

Minimum Viable Functionality
Bookshelf -> Collections
  - Create New Collection
    Methods: mark cover tumbnails, search bookshelf\RR, add to collection button on currently existing book listings
  -  Rename Collection
  - Toggle Private\Public
  - Delete collection
  - Text-based alphabetical or curated list of collection
  - List in form of banners\forum signatures with Collection Name overlayed\on top of graphical background (either OPTION 1 preset templates covering common genres\tags or OPTION 2 automatically generated using book covers)

Convenient Features:
  - Suggest based on tags\author\genre from library\RR
  - Suggest based on chapter length\frequency
  - Showcase collection as forum signature
  - For banner Option 2, add little trackers for last read chapter and number of unread chapters
  - Dynamically create collection based on preset criteria like search presets
  - Ability to Like/Rep collections


Ryan English Ryan English ago

Drafts that are scheduled should show the schedule in the drafts page

It'd be nice to be able to look at all my drafts at once and see which ones I successfully scheduled and which ones I might have screwed up

Dawgman Dawgman ago

Official RoyalRoad API

Official royalroad api, that at least very least, lets developers use the advanced search functions without having to scrape the html.

Dawodd Dawodd ago

Resetting ratings for trending

Currently, trending is based on % of growth based on ratings received in the last month. But a problem is that if you receive too many ratings early on, say on day one for example, then those ratings will start counting against you one day after your fic turns one month old and reaches trending.

Because of this, if a fic does too well too early, it will only be on the top of trending for a day or two, before falling like a stone. In that sense, you actually get punished if you have too much success and growth early on.

What i propose, is that essentially, when a fic turns one month old, all ratings garnered in the first month, past the 25 stars mark, are essentially "reset". What i mean by this i is that they all take one month until they count against the fic, or that they don't "age" until the fic turns one month old.

I hope the way i explained it makes sense, but im willing to answer questions just in case.