this is idea i just think this would be a great kind of novel for some fun could be very long id be happy if someone could write this or anything close to my idea hopling peopel to make some sugestions and and further ideas for the this book this is what i got so far kinda just jumbled it all together on my notepad app lol

main char race= Vampire Shadow Ancestor

ablities= free to walk the shaodows and go into his on realm/plane by entering any shadow, even stay in peoples shadow as he gets stronger he can travel from one shadow to another like a portal as long as there is a shadow he can go there say from one planet to another even traveling the univers once he becomes strong enough he can only teleport through shadows as long as in mental awareness kinda like a radis of a circle begining just like say 50  meters as he gets stronger the bigger the distancce he cans travel and once he goes into a shadow he can automatical enter his own plane/realm thats call the shadow plane and it grows with him as he grows stronger anything he can imagine can be in this dimiension say he want a castle he can make a castle he also has the abitlity after he kills absorb there shadows and can become shadow ninjas that serve him and those he sucks the blood of or anyblood as long as its benifichal to the hsot body he can asborb say there benifiacl genes without any defect only absorbs those benicical to the host body and the stronger the persons blood is the stronger he will be strengethed say you get supermans blood he become stronger and his body will become as stronge defense as superman as well as special cells kinda hard for me to explain as long as you get the idea is enough lol he can turn anyone and anything into his vampier race he can control on how strong and abilitys and strengths say stealth and strenth and so on so forth his main goal is to build his on shadow realm emiper going through worlds and making vampier like cults in each world and so on the more of his kind and their strength in each world will benifit his growing world/realm as well as his strenth and as he gets strong enough the sun wont even bother him the main char will grow from very weak like person to he reaches god this is the world rankings in strenthg baised on the his world gave him and yes his world will have a sorti ai/ system for him strength ranking will go from ranks g-f-d-c-b-a-s-ss-sss-low god-mid god-high god-god peak-god could go beyond that if has to lol.

the host will be able to travel movies and animaitions and even games or novels but only movies and or animations when his strength matches he can turn others into vampiers like him and can go into his shadow domain with his permmison no one can go in without his consent yes with this description i definatly want to have a vampier harem i mean come on aswome right here i the world i picked  in this order he will go to so whoever rights the book can choose these are kjust my idead since i cant write
in these worlds he will give tasks from his shadow realm/world to make him grow stronger and the world grow and please no cultivations films/novels i just want fantasy like worlds i think it goes well with my ideas of vampiers and building his shadow realm empire.
starting from lost boys,blade series,under world series,twighlight series,reisdent evil, marvel series lord of the rings series anime= high school undead,tokyo ghoul,nauruto,dragon ball,death note, one peice,fairy tale series and many more i cant recall most of the the ones i seen lol you can come with some more to t