*Kirins Notes is a proofreading and editing group of decent standards found on the servers of royalroadlegends (https://forum.royalroadl.com/showthread.php?tid=98666) and accessed through discord (https://discord.gg/vgHjKGm).

Client Rules- As found in the discord server of the group Kirins Notes

Rule 1: Editing/Proofreading requests must be limited to a single finished chapter every three days unless an editor willingly agrees to something else.

Rule 2: If you wish to have your story edited and meet our requirements, please link us a gdoc with the suggestions permissions turned on (not edit permissions, but suggestions) that you feel alright with us working on.

Rule 3: Make sure you know who is working on your document and when/if you can go through it together (Working on it together would give the best results).

Rule 4: If you don’t understand why the editor/pr did something, ask them about it. Remember: You do not have to accept their suggestions.

Rule 5: Do not force people to work your story. It can lower the quality and get you banned.

Rule 6: If, for whatever reason, your document is not being worked on, please ping a Kirin Lord or Chaotic Fairy to report the issue.

Rule 7: Credit your editor and the group in the author notes.

Rule 8: You must have over 15k written (proved by linking your story), and you have to go over whatever it is you're sending us before handing it over so as to not waste our time with easily fixed mistakes.

My own requests

Request 1: If you are interested, you may contact me: 
(1)By responding to this post with a link to your fiction or google docs (keep an eye on this post in that case as I will reply to you here) 
(2) By Private Messaging me on royalroadlegends 
(3) By contacting me on discord, where I also go by The Void, through the Tranquil Kirins server 
(4) By sending me an email. My email is [email protected] 

Request 2: Please only contact me for assistance in editing: if your story matches the requirements listed above in the client's rules, if you have taken the writer's pledge (or intend to take the writer's pledge), or if you have a complete (or about to be completed) story. I am willing to help newcomers or those that have just started a new story, but one must first convince me that it is worth my time and considerable efforts.

Request 3: If you have chapters that are between 3,000 and 4,000 words in length then I can most likely edit one chapter a day, but if your chapter lengths are longer than that I will have to see what I can do for frequency of editing. 

Request 4: Please access discord and properly post a request, as per the client's rules listed above, on the #assistant-requests channel of the Tranquil Kirin's server- after I have agreed to lend you my services. 

Request 5: Please be willing to work with me on the editing of your story. After I edit the google document that should contain a chapter of your story, you will need to go over it briefly and either accept or reject my suggestions. I will not be offended if you reject any (or even all) of my suggestions, but if you find my services lacking or wish for me to alter it in any way- please feel free to ask. I am also open to any questions about comments or edits that I have made on your story and I will discuss them with you, on discord, whenever I am free.