Issue with Cover Picture.

I've been trying to add a cover picture for almost an hour to my story. It continues to say invalid dimensions. Has to be at leasy 200 to 300. I've literally changed the dimensions from all shapes and sizes, all 200 to 300 and up, all widths and heights. It continues to say image too small when thats a lie, or some other crap. It does not take and the reason is states is always incorrect as I've checked and even redone the image on online editors over and over and over. 

I don't understand what the problem is.

RE: Issue with Cover Picture.

2/23/2018 4:31:10 AMChiisutofupuru Wrote: [ -> ]It has to be exactly 200x300 pixels or 400x600 pixels.
I'm not entirely sure if it supports specifics formats or not...

Alright thanks man. That cleared it up for me and it's working now. Appreciate it a lot. Thanks again.

Also, moderators or whoever should alter what the error messages say when this problem arises. Not once does it clarify that it needs to be exactly a certain size. Perhaps I'm the only fool whose had this problem, so oh well.
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