Reader's comments

How do you guys feel about reader's comments on your stories? Which comments do you guys enjoy reading the most and which ones do you find yourself not liking as much? How do you deal with positive or negative comments? 

Just wondering as I was rereading comments on my story.

RE: Reader's comments

Comments are good! I like them. I like the ones that talk about the story the most, and I like the ones that just say 'thanks' less, but I still like them.

Negative comments, if they address the actual story, are probably the best, as long as they're polite. Negative comments that address the story but are impolite are still worthwhile, especially if they deal with the readers reactions to what happened; this can be very useful to tell if what I'm writing is coming across as intended or not. Either way, helpful negative comments are one of your best resources to change and grow as a writer. As long as you don't get so many they sap your motivation to write, that is.

Negative comments that don't address the story can just be ignored. They're the least enjoyable, but, it's not like they really matter. Hopefully those people will get bored and leave.

It can be a bit difficult to tell, sometimes, whether a comment addresses the story; I've had people say things like 'why doesn't the character do A instead of B? B is stupid, no-one should do that!' when I've got a really good reason for them to do B, and it makes sense in story. They'll come up with all sorts of reasons for why B is stupid, but most of the time their arguments boil down to 'why aren't you writing the story I want you to write, instead of the one you want to write?' Even though this might at times look like constructive criticism, it's not. It's someone saying 'write a different story'.

For example, I wrote a story (on a different site) with a father/adopted daughter pair. I had several people say things like 'They should fall in love! It makes total sense!' and every time I facepalmed. No. It did not make 'total sense'. It didn't fit my intention for either of their characters, and that's not the sort of story I wanted to write. It was wishful thinking on the part of some of the readers, were was more interested in shipping than I was.

Well, I was able to use that to make my intentions clearer in-story; I hadn't actually expected anyone to think that was an option, so I tried to write it out. in the end, it was still somewhat helpful. But it's not what I call 'constructive criticism'.

RE: Reader's comments

'why aren't you writing the story I want you to write, instead of the one you want to write?'

i have never seen anyone sum up all my complaints about comments on stories in such a short and beautiful way before. freaking hell man, a person can only choose to say or do one thing at a time, and the thing said or done differentiates one writer from the next! take that away and you might as well write your own thing