Adster's Chaoticorium (Free Covers)


Status: CLOSED - Too many requests

Welcome to Adster's Chaoticorium!

I am Inked's Adsterhappy. I do stuff. For free.

What I do:
I make free novel covers. I think. Or something.

What style do I draw in:
Standard cover closely resembles Japanese LN covers. This usually means an anime character, title and a simple background.

If you are lucky (or unlucky), I would experiment with tools and styles for no apparent reason, breaking from the standard.

How to contact me:

Go to RoyalRoadL's Discord, and you might see me. If not, PM me on discord. You could also try sending me a message here on the forum, but I might not respond or  just message you to get on discord (because it's faster to talk through chat instead of sending mails back-and-forth).

What do you do when you want to contact me:

Tell me title and a brief synopsis of your story in 20 words or less. I am not interested in your cyborg school girl in a magic high school infodump. Then tell me what you want on the cover, and if you want, post references. If I am interested, I will ask for more details about the cover. Try to tell me as much detail as you can about the main eyecatch (like the main character on the cover). Lack of details means I will arbitrarily fill in the missing details myself.

Once I take it up, I will contact you as much as I could (such as by sending sketches)...or you might actually just be slapped with the full cover suddenly. That's the fun nature of the Chaoticorium. You won't know what you'll get.

'ILikeFreeStuff12345: Hi. I heard you make covers that look like garbage light novel covers. My title is 'Some kind of girl with a sword'. Can you also give it a volume number like 'Vol 1'?
Basically she is a reincarnated girl that has supa stronk sword skills. I want a blonde girl wearing a red dress holding a sword. She also wears a cuirass! (I posted a pic of what the cuirass should look like).
The background should have something related to swords, idk.'

What's the catch?
I may not take your offer if I have too many requests or if I am busy with my novel. I am also an author.

Also, it's free. So expected free-level quality.

Lastly, when I make the cover you must
1) Let me use the cover as part of my previews, such as this thread. (Like a job reference or something. But without the job part.)
2) My name will be somewhere on the cover which would be saying 'Cover art by Adsterhappy'.

Other notes:

: Due to problems that I have encountered, I will most likely take requests that have shorter titles than those with the longer title. (e.g. I am more likely to take a request which only has a title of 'Potato' than that of 'My Evil Little Sister is actually a Potato Pony Demon Lord Goddess Angel Dungeon Online?!')

I might actually take non-covers requests if I feel that they are interesting enough to be drawn. Like a nekomaid being shocked. (Don't ask why, because I didn't).

If you want to send me $$$ for reasons that I can't even fathom, discuss it with me over PM.

Example covers just so you know what you're getting:

Preview Covers (they're fake. Don't bother searching for them. Maybe.)

Real Covers (they're real.)

For no apparent reason at all: