Assist Me - Possible Fiction Titles/Suggestions?

Hey guys,

This will be my second attempt at writing a fiction on this site. I learned from how bad my previous fiction was in terms of plot and linearity, so after lurking here for a while, I think I have a decent plot to go with - but I can't think of a good title.


- A harmless monster known as a wisp eats a lingering human soul and inherits a portion of it's memories, desires, and ambitions.

- Fueled by it's curiosity and desires, it begins to possess various inanimate objects, eventually finding it's way out of it's home and discovering it 's ability to possess living things.

- It slowly begins to possess humans - absorbing portions of their personas in an attempt to fulfill it's inherited desires, leading to it's eventual psychological breakdown as it begins to suffer from extreme MPD.

-In response, it attempts to climb to godhood - triggering a world war in the process.  

Very few people have access to the typical fantasy magic of launching fireballs and causing lightning storms.

Magic, although powerful (war changing and empire crushing in some cases), becomes a birthright for nobles with commoners forced to focus on science.

Nobles want to maintain control, so they attempt to ban most forms of scientific research that doesn't benefit them directly - leading to occult/alchemist factions attempting to summon demons to establish equality or the basis for a mass revolution.

Gods do exist but they pander instead of enforcing their beliefs due to their dependence on faith to exist.

Sea travel is treacherous, but not impossible due to hydras, pirates, and epic, island crushing monsters lurking in the waters, and flight is more or less foolhardy due to dragons and other aerial scourges.

Magical Theories describe the limitations and potential of magic and magicians, just like how physics describe the limits of science in specific fields.

High, dark fantasy, with improving steampunk tech. Lit RPG Adventure.  

All enemies are OP (have magic, better gear, and usually more resources for whatever - or outright stronger due to some divine blessing or a lifetime of training).

Main character relies on soft/transferable skills (think charisma and intellectual based abilities like linguistics) and his "hosts" already existing hard skills (Class skills that do not transfer to the next host - Helmet Crush, Assassinate, Wield Two Handed, Ambidexterity, etc.) and physique.

I plan for most of the characters to reappear throughout the story to try to build a realistic 'living world'.

Dying is the main form of story progression as the wisp doesn't know how to eject itself from a host until much later when it begins to strategically die or abandon hosts to gain an advantage.

Story Progression idea (so far):
Each arc would feature it possessing someone or something of differing professions and aptitudes.

Arc 1: Random items such as an arrow.
Arc 2: A wolf/ some form of high mobility monster.
Arc 3: A low level wandering adventurer - half zombie/mute since it doesn't know the intricacies of a human body (the need to breathe, eat, sleep, rest, or speak).
Arc 4: Puppeteer/Magician(think Houdini or Daivd Copperfield, sleight of hand magicians, illusionists - not actual spell slinging magicians).
Arc 5: Glassier, demi-human beastkin in a desert environment.
Arc 6: Alchemist/Occultist - Alchemists are researching Occultism to gain access to magic as alchemists in this world are more like modern-day chemists instead of FMA Alchemists. - MC begins to actually eat the hosts' soul instead of invading it (will be explained).
Arc 7: Hypnotist/ Doctor
Arc 8:Cowboy - Psychological Breakdown begins due to having 5+ sets of personas and memories.
Arc 9: Actor - Breakdown intensifies.

Some titles I have come up with:
-Kaleidoscopic Klepto     - Perfect Medium
-Mosaic Memories          - Dead Ringer
-Faux mémoire              - Phantom Pursuit
-Patchwork Heart           -100% Determination
-Full Bravery

Sorry for the wall of text, but I would like other ideas or suggestions for a fiction title as I believe this idea has the potential to be a good fiction.

Thank you for your time/reply!!!

RE: Assist Me - Possible Fiction Titles/Suggestions?

How about 'nine-tenths of the law', from 'possession is nine-tenths of the law'? It not only plays with the meaning of possession, but also suggests struggle, since it comes from arguing over who owns what. It would be especially good if struggling to possess things is a big part of the story.

'the better part of valor' might also be good, from 'discretion is the better part of valor', indicating that it's sometimes better to run away than confront something you can't face down. Since the MC is going to be dying strategically, that kinda works. Well, it won't fit if he spends most of his time attacking problems head-first, though. And it's a bit trite, maybe.

As for the titles you've thought up, "Mosaic Memories' is the only one I'd consider clicking on. The rest are either too vague (Full Bravery, for example, doesn't really mean much by itself) or too bland; Patchwork Heart is the sort of thing I'd expect to see on a dozen other stories... although a quick search doesn't actually turn any up.

Well, whatever you go with, I think a good title should: sound meaningful by itself, not be trite or cliche, and relate to the story. That last one's a bit hard for me, especially just going by a synopsis. But if you pick something like that, you'll probably be fine.

RE: Assist Me - Possible Fiction Titles/Suggestions?

After reading the synopsis/ the story's plot basically,
I will say that it's quite interesting indeed. But it's not like it hasn't been done already.
I'll name a few-
Though, these do not deal with MPD, or rather Dissociative Identity Disorder. Since the MC seems to have a relatively stable personality.
However, i would recommend you to read a bit more/do your research on that topic.
Since writing about a psychological topic right from the start, as you say that you're a newbie author. It's something i really wouldn't recommend.
But i'd say you should follow what you want to do. Just know of the challenges that await you.

That aside, now for a title to the novel,
Not-a-hat has quite nice suggestions, With the first one 'Nine-tenths of the law' being my preferred one.
Though i hadn't ever heard of that idiom until he mentioned it.
So i'm not sure how potential readers might interpret it.
I would recommend something with the word 'Spirit' in it,
Like... Idk, ' Restless Spirit ' or something.

Though i would certainly recommend not thinking about it too much but rather get to writing the novel itself.
I don't think "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" is a particularly memorable or witty name.
Until the rest of the series gives it more meaning than it originally had. Now it represents the start of a legacy, not the title of just a random book.

So, don't overthink it. Go with the title that you like or think of it after you've started writing and finished 1 or 2 arcs as you say.

RE: Assist Me - Possible Fiction Titles/Suggestions?

2/16/2018 7:52:15 AMthereader Wrote: [ -> ]I really like the title you suggested, Phantom Pursuit. It gives me the feeling that the story is jam-packed with action but at the same time pursuing a greater goal.

If I were to suggest a title, it would be a mix of yours and Vernaculate's suggestion. Having the word spirit in the title would give the reader some relatability.

My suggestion would be: Phantom Spirit

After some thinking, I was thinking about the plot and the term dissonance sort of rung with the plot.

Would "Repetitive Dissonance" be good for a title?

RE: Assist Me - Possible Fiction Titles/Suggestions?

2/17/2018 4:44:32 AMTankOdrum Wrote: [ -> ]After some thinking, I was thinking about the plot and the term dissonance sort of rung with the plot.
Would "Repetitive Dissonance" be good for a title?

If that is what you feel like, then yes.
However, 'dissonance' in itself implies repetitiveness. Saying 'repetitive' doesn't add to the title in any way.
"Dissonant spirit" might be a much better bet.
And you can throw in another adjective or something in there, to make it a 3 word title.

But anyways, you are thinking into it too much.
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