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Could I also request my own work to be added?

Ongoing and scheduled for around 50 chapters as of now. 

Planned: twice a week release (might change to 4 times a week release in the future)

Main Story : GL. 
Sub : BL pairing (very subtle at the moment), a non-binary supporting character (sort of important to the plot, not a token character).
No NTR, but the MC has heartache from missing her family.

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I have two, that fit the bill! (Though honestly all of my current works have at least elements of it.) For a not slow burn, not fast burn, just burn modern day urban fantasy romance between a young man who just discovered that there's a hidden world of magic and the dryad he saved awakening into the modern world. They fight/commit crime. For if you insisted on the slow burn adventure story with psychological/horror elements about a young man finding himself growing closer to the unimaginably powerful elemental force of nature in the shape of a beautiful young woman who isn't technically holding him hostage but is of a questionably alien mindset. 

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Aha, I reduced this to avoid politics. :) 

Is there a builder class for romance, you know like working up to it in stages vs say jumping in as an owner of a harem(who would want that kind of distraction), type thing? 


I have created a slow rolling romance as a main theme of my book and I do not prescribe to love at first sight, lust at first sight, but not love, that is earned.  So I am interested in the discussion. 

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Quote:Lei Gong’s eyes were a deep, luminous crimson ringed in amber. A color he’d never seen in any human, nor God. It was a gaze maidens fell into without resistance, and one an average man fled from.

But he was no average man. 

If you love stories centered around tragedy, characters that go from powerless to OP, morally grey characters, cultivation fantasy, and the grumpy/sunshine trope then check out my story The Failed Assassination of the Thunder God! It's a glacial burn BL high fantasy romance following an immortal assassin and the God he's accused of killing! 

It's at 50k words right now and I'm just getting started! Warning, though. . . The content can be pretty graphic and isn't suitable for all readers. Discretion is advised! 

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I don't know how much this fits here but I have been enjoying this cultivation story these days.

Plot is written on the romance, but there is not much romance happening right now.
I mean, you can tell from the name alone haha

It's unique and fun. There are lots of meta jokes and genre is something between action and satire.
I loved the comedy aspect of it and fights were engaging enough to keep me interested. 

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Whaddup fellow romance interestees! Glad to see RR is down for some plot-relevant smooching. :') 

The Tempest Came is not primarily a romance but it has a delicious enemies-to-lovers component. Chapters are posted daily, and the story has been totally written, so I won't leave you hanging halfway. ❤️

You can read it here! And the blurb is below. 

Quote:Hazel is living her best magical life at the Sun Court. She spent years running from her owner, the Clockmaker, who’s bent on dragging her back home. Since working as a court spy for glorious Queen Maureen, she finally feels safe. Hazel isn’t in love-love with the Queen, but like, what do you call it if you basically want to be someone?

Glamor, riches and everything she wished for while on the run are at her fingertips when the Queen promises her a permanent position. Just one more job: spying on the Queen’s wicked brother, the mage Maximilian. Disguised with the Queen’s potions, it should be easy to uncover his weather magic secrets (probably dark and stormy).

Tragically, things never go Hazel’s way for long. The Queen disappears, her potions threaten to run out, and Maximilian might not be as evil as the Queen always told her. And that’s only the beginning.

If Hazel ever planned to stop running and stand her ground, now would be about the time, or she’ll lose everything. Tick tock. 

A delightful fantasy novel with dark undercurrents about figuring out what really matters, even if it takes you a little longer than most people. Featuring rude selkies, bad choices, and the weather report. Mostly windy.