Wing vs WriTE new challenge

A new challenge has been issued and new contestants have stepped forward to achieve victory.

If you open your profile on royal road, you can see your current word count. Please add it to your post at the time you decide to join the contest so we/you can track your progress.

The rules:

  • Only completed novels count, but you need to write one million words starting from the time you join the contest.
    For example, if you have a 600 000 words long novel finished, it doesn’t count. If your word count is already above one million, it still doesn’t count.

  • There is no time limit and the race is individual. If anyone reaches one million before you and finishes their novel(s), you lose.

  • You can either write one novel with a word count of one million or you can write and finish ten novels each a with a word count of a hundred thousand.
    How you reach one million words is up to you, but I repeat again, only finished novels count.

  • Completed novels must be longer than 20 000 words.

  • You should add the title of any completed/removed novel you have in your post.

Example post:
My current word count is 123 456 words.
I have one finished novel: The Demons
I have one removed novel: The Ero God


  • The winner is going to get a gold badge to show their achievement.

  • The rest of the participants who don't win but manage to finish the task are going to get a silver badge.

WriTE faction:

Wing faction:

  • Wing - Word Count: 6 600

  • Lone - Word Count: 396 051

Other contestants:

If you want to join the challenge post a reply to this thread. Everyone can join, you don't have to be a WriTE member.

Warning: while the contestants are listed in factions, the challenge is entirely individual.

(Old challenge here)

RE: Wing vs WriTE new challenge

Let's join the race, though I'll add myself... lol
I'll post out of courtesy. :3

I have one finished novel:
What Is It Like To Be Eternal?

I don't have any removed novels, but due to the removed notification posts, my word count is: 1,021,731
The current page counts for my novels are:
2490 * 275 = 684 750
1106 * 275 = 304 150

684 750 + 304 150 = 988 900

My current word count is: 988 900

RE: Wing vs WriTE new challenge

I'll add my self... But, following Cory's example, I'll post it, too. Why not, I suppose?
Current word count: 105,478
                               - DELETED NOVELS
                               = 0 WORDS

Darn! Here's to hoping I can actually motivate myself to write and finish stuff.

Current word count: 0 (will update as I finish).