Contains: [profanity] [gore] [sexual content] [traumatising content]
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic

Lucas would not call himself a normal person, with a double doctorate in Genetics and Virology, it was safe to say he was pretty far above the average so long as he was talking about his field.  In fact, that day he was meeting with a banker to discuss a loan to start his own biotech company, a dream he had held for decades.

Unbeknownst to Lucas, in another world a fierce battle raged.  Three thousand years ago, demons invaded that world and using stolen magic a hero was summoned to the realm, bringing the power of the Gods with him and they fought the demons to a stalemate.  Two thousand years ago, the ritual was used again, and another hero was brought forth, a magic user of incredible power, she taught magic to humanity and allowed them to push demonkind to the brink of defeat.

One thousand years ago, as the ritual was being used for what was supposed to be the third and final time, traitors amongst the particpants took over and brought forth a hero on the side of demons, a demon king who took humanity from the brink of victory to the verge of extinction.

And now, as Lucas discussed profits and markets with a banker, a brave group of soldiers, wizards, and priests have broken through the demonic lines and seized the summoning chamber, preparing to use the ritual for a fourth time and hopefully save humanity.

When Lucas is brought over, his dreams and life have been crushed, but he still has to survive in this new world.  He is not the hero that they expected, barely able to fight and lacking any powers or abilities, but Lucas will soon prove to them the power of agriculture and medicine, all the while gaining his own power and resources to find a way back home.

Join Lucas in an unwilling adventure to a world on the brink of defeat, where corrupt nobles and secret cults party and plot while thousands of soldiers die on the front lines against the demons.  Where Lucas uses his intelligence and education to revolutionize the world and, hopefully, drive the demons back to wherever they came.  Join Lucas in "A Broken World!"