Contains: [profanity] [sexual content] [traumitsing content] [gore]
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance  (I would put Action and Adventure as well, but I can only choose four)

Mystic Ink is set in a fantasy world where the chasm between the rich and the poor allows people to be pulled off the street to be used for magical experiments.

Cass, a emaciated homeless orphan, is one such person.

Ejected from the alleys where she used to live by a new gang moving in, Cass winds up being the test subject for an experiment with an abysmal failure rate...  And survives.  But survival might be the worse option, as now she has to endure the brutal treatment that twists her very mind and even though she can feel herself breaking and bending, she can do little to struggle against it.  And as time passes, she begins to wonder if she even wants to.

Pulled between the dark and brutal Mage who begins to teach her magic and drives her to greater heights at the cost of her very will, and a gentle servant who offers her supports and dreams that become intangible when she tries to grasp them, Cass begins to learn of even harsher and darker secrets hiding behind the curtains.

Conspiracies, brutality, violence, kindess and blood, all mixed into a grimdark fantasy world where every single good thing hides a dark secret, that is the world of Mystic Ink.