RE: How to cure depression?

This answer may not seem initially helpful but... I'd recommend anybody suffering from depression go and see a doctor.

Seriously. There are so many facets to depression that may require different approaches - whether a psychologist can help, whether medication is required, etc.

Feedback from others who are struggling with, or have conquered depression, can be great - but they may not be approaches that work for someone else's particular scenario.

Hopefully this thread will get some great feedback, but for anyone seeking specific advice: Talk to your doctor.

RE: How to cure depression?

First step is actually getting diagnosed as having depression, which is done by a mental health professional, like a psychiatrist or a psychotherapist.
And don't start with "Oh but I know I'm depressed because I do this, or because I don't do that". That's, honestly, a bunch of crap. It's similar to people diagnosing themselves with brain tumours every time they get a headache.
Go to a professional, get a proper diagnosis if you have one, and then start from there. People over the internet can post inspirational quotes as much as they like, it's not worth anything.

RE: How to cure depression?

Quick technical note: you want to see a therapist first, a counsellor who does talk therapy. They'll help you get a handle on what exactly you're feeling and why, and start you on the road to working through it. If they recommend medication, you then book an appointment with a psychiatrist. They'll ask many of the same questions to arrive at a clinical diagnosis and may recommend a particular medication.

RE: How to cure depression?

Drugs. Really.

Not like illegal crap to get high, medication from a doctor. A large portion of people with depression suffer because of chemical imbalances in the brain and the right cocktail helps bring you back from the brink. It takes a while - everyone's chemistry is different - so be prepared to spend years getting the right dosages.

Also, physical activity helps. I took up weightlifting and when I can motivate myself to do it I feel loads better.

I find sharing my issues helps. Keeping it all bottled up doesn't help anyone.


When all else fails, dildos help.

RE: How to cure depression?

Step 1:
Make a list of five things you can be proud of.

Step 2:
Make a list of the situations that make oyu truly happy from the inside

Step 3:
Write out where you are on one side of paper and Where you want to be on the other side. Draw a line between them.

Step 4: 
In the middle of that line write where you feel you could realistically get within 6 months.

Final Step: 
Realize that you are already on the right track and appreciate what you have, because what you have, are all the tools you will need to get to where you want. 

Extra credit:
Stop fearing your potential and go for it!

PS: Play loud upbeat music, even is you aren't into the genre. 
Studies suggest that moving and listening even casually effects the release of the feel good hormones in your brain. (endorphine)
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