Looking for books about evil mc. (Read description below)

Hi, I have read a lot of books about good mc, but it became boring, I'm also writing book about evil mc, so i wish to read about them more, to expand my vision.
I love stories about mc's who are in love with science and research and magic research and other similar things.

Also the mc should care litle about other people well being and lives.

I'm not agains really twisted moral qualities.

RE: Looking for books about evil mc. (Read description below)

First I can think of is a translated novel called Dungeon Defense, still ongoing but 5 volumes out.

https://shalvationtranslations.wordpress...fense-toc/ demon lord and master manipulator

A sort of evil is a novel/manga/anime (whichever media you prefer they are all good) called Saga of Tanya the Evil (Youjo Senki) and the same for Overlord. Tanya tells the story about a sociopath who goes against god, and Overlord covers the exploits of a man being placed into his Elder Litch game character and starting to conquer the world. Both depict scenes and actions of killing into the hundreds for their own purpose as their story develops in later chapters, I am a fan of both so I'd say check them out. (anime of Overlord is a bit meh, but second season where the fun really begins is coming soon, otherwhise just read the novels)

Then on rrl I can only think of:


and perhaps these 2:

https://royalroadl.com/fiction/8894/ever...rge-chests The MC is a literal Monster with no human morals, with his mind set on becoming as strong and as rich as possible. Slaughtering, eating, deceiving his victims with no end in sight.

https://royalroadl.com/fiction/12374/once-more Ancient demoness (queen) awakens to discover that the world around her is starting to collapse due to inbalance of light and dark forces.

Hope you find something to your liking

Re: Looking for books about evil mc. (Read description below)

The first, is a pretty new, but promising novel. The story is way above rrl standard. It has grammar issues, but it is currently being proofread, so that should improve shortly. The story is about a merry band of murderous mercenaries, in a world just as dark as they are themself.


The second is a harry potter fan fic, from ff. It is a very nice take on the characters. It also only borrows, the world of harry potter, as the story takes place in an alternate version/after the end of the original. The mc is evil, for the heck of it


The third is also from ff. It is a fan fic of the tv series Buffy the vampire slayer. I have never whatched the originals, but I still understood, and enjoyed the ff. The mc is a slightly evil mad scientist 


The last one is from rrl. The mc is a schemer and as mad as they get