Hello! My first attempt - Heroic Chronicles Book 1: A Hero Arises

Hello everyone!

This would be my first attempt at writing a fiction novel. So, I'll like to promote it here :) for your reading pleasures.

Heroic Chronicles Book 1: A Hero Arises

Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy

Heroic Chronicles tells the tale of a 17-years old protagonist, Claude Leonheart, a lowly Initiate of the Brothehood of the Sun whose whole world became one of many trials, and challenges after saving the Kingdom's only princess. As he becomes a hero, a new world now awaits him.

Follow his adventures of epic proportions (maybe not) as he encounters various adventures upon adventures and meeting new people during his journey as his life would then be shaped by these encounters for better or for worse. Take the journey with him as he learns his power and responsibilities that comes with it.

Becoming a hero is not just about saving girls and slaying monsters.



Warning: This fiction contains

- Profanity

(This story would be my long time project. Though I'm new and this is my first attempt on writing a novel such as this, I would really like and welcome all your feedback and comments and would reply as much as possible.)