Hey Everyone! I am relatively new to Royal Road as a writer, but long time reader. I started here with LMS and have read many others since. I recently started writing my own LitRPG/Gamelit series and posted the first few chapters so far on RR: https://royalroadl.com/fiction/15694/dungeon-quest-online

This series follows four MC's from their childhood where they spent countless hours playing Dungeon Quest (think D&D, Pathfinder, Caverns & Creatures). The story introduces each character and then branches to follow the Dungeon Master through life to the point where he develops Full Virtual Reality Immersion (FVRI) tech and also brings his favorite pastime to life by buying out the rights to Dungeon Quest and building Dungeon Quest Online. 

Now Tristen and his friends can bring their favorite childhood game to life and experience the world of Aeglenn. Unlike a lot of LitRPG out there, this story has no OP characters, it does not favor solo game play and in fact has hard-core mode implemented where a wipe in a dungeon means a complete re-roll of your character.

I would really love some feedback (constructive praise or criticism). I will eventually publish this series on Kindle, but for the time being plan to release my draft chapter by chapter here on RR.