You heard that right. 

Angels. Swords. Guns. Blood. . . lot's of blood . . . too much blood!  Oh gaaaaaad, I'm feeling queasy. 

Let's cut to the chase. 

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If I haven't sold you yet (and I probably haven't) here are three reasons why you should read: 

1) Angels are cool.  Seriously, they can fly, they have halos, and they can breathe fire.  Wait . . . not the last one, that's Dragons.  But these Angels have swords . . . guns too! 

If you don't believe me, click Here

2) This version of Heaven and Hell is revolutionary.  We have towns!  We have magical abilities that talk to you!  We have remarkable places! 

If you haven't seen a crater of fire as big as the Pacific ocean, look no further.  Who cares about Bobby, Pippy, Molly or whatever the heck his name is.  Screw characters.  Read for the scenery. 

Hurry up and see it before the bad guys ruin it all! Quick!

3) So you probably came this far expecting a sensational third point.  The amazing offer that would make someone learn English just to read this book.  

I am beyond begging, dammit!  Don't make me get on my knees and plead for your subscription. 

I'm already on my knees because I can't afford a computer chair.  The remnants of cup noodles cling to my shirt like the shedding curls of an unshaven beard . . .  (Sheesh, I might actually use that one. Although, I'm not sure why a beard is acting like a cat.) 

I cannot tell you much . . . Only that I think it's a fairly good story and that you should check it out.

There's a fair bit of action involved as the two realms war against each other to find new Gods. The main character is drawn into this fight, despite her best interests. And as she learns about the worlds, she finds out some truths about herself that might not . . . sit well. Then again, we rarely like facing our shadows.

For those that check out my story, please accept my unconditional gratitude! 

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I've got to run now.  See you on the other side!