Re: I Will Give You a Nice Review

Hi, I'm trying to write again and this time, I try to focus on fixing my grammar. I know it still have many problems, and I'll keep studying a good grammar.

Anyway I just got about 10,000 words and I'd like to get review about the story as well, because I try to write something a bit different.

I hope you can help to give review.

Thanks a lot.

ADD:: Here is the link The young daoist (Book one, Filial Piety)

Re: I Will Give You a Nice Review

Hi, I saw this thread and I will appreciate a review on my newest completed work. You can just read 'til Chapter 2/3 (Because that marks 10,000 words). I haven't received any advance review nor simple review with a comment yet so i would really appreciate one right now. Tnx.

Here's the link to my story: