Trouble with Dark Mode

Hey there. I'm new to posting Royal Road, and quickly finding out that this site has a lot of little features that are giving me trouble. 

Like this whole Dark Mode thing. I didn't know it was possible to hit that button, and flip the screen to black. But the text for my story doesn't flip with it. So with the exception of the colored words, readers are stuck looking at black on black words. Not cool.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a tag or an option or a button I need to use to get it to autoflip black to white when the modes change?

RE: Trouble with Dark Mode

This is usually caused by errors in copying and pasting from other rich text editors (such as MSWord or GDocs).
I'd suggest going to the original program, changing the font there, then pasting it back to RRL again to see if that solves it.
Alternatively, one extremely messy solution is to clear ALL formatting, font colour included, from text (There's a Tx button in our editor), but this clears ALL formatting, italics, bold, colours, you name it.

For more info, and to give a report to our admin, can you do me a favour? Go to the chapter you're having issues on, click to edit it, then look for a source code button in the toolbar (should look something like [<>]). Click on that, then go look for any font colour options visible, and tell me which colour (or colour code ie #XXXXXX) you see.

EDIT: I'd prefer my name spelt correctly TYVM.