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I have issues with snarky main heroes.  Snark is entertaining in moderation but it loses its charm if everything has to be an insult or a quip.  My current pet peeve with web novels are really long titles that explain too much.  I'm a member of the Greek Pantheon reborn on another world, and now I have a schoolgirl harem! is not a story that exists, but I bet while you were reading that title, for a moment, just a moment, you thought it did!

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I hate anything with a non-human or at least non-humanoid MC. I mean MC's are becoming DUNGEONS and LLAMAS for fuck's sake!!!! That is just soooo stupid!!! And I've noticed no one else says it, but I don't care whose feelings I hurt. Gender Bender is ridiculous. It's is stupid. It is unlikely in any way, shape, or form unless you believe in some sort of mystical neo/quasi/etc. form of buddhist-esque reincarnation, and even Buddhists tend to stick to gender's remaining the same even after one or more reincarnations. Sorry but Gender Bender is downright retarded. I don't understrand the appeal of it unless you are LGBT-centered. Other than that, it makes no sense and the fact that it has become such a major genre is mind-blowing to me. Who in the hell reads a story about a man becoming a woman.....and enjoys the awkward-romance bullshit, (which is by my own experiences, NEVER done well, not even from professional authors. It's sad to me that they even tried). Don't know. Gender Bender is trash and the fact people still write it and somehow have the excuse to call it entertainment just makes me think people are literally desperately scraping the bottom of the barrel for originality and are now running out of ideas. It's maddening. My opinion though. We're still allowed to have those. Politically correct types haven't quite infiltrated that area yet. Suppose they haven't figured out how yet. 

Might as well write a story about an ant becoming a God....oh wait.....

Also have decided I just can't stomach anymore Chinese Webnovels. That Wuxia/Xianxia whatever. Not sure if I named it right. Literally 90% of the plots can all be condensed to the same thing. Don't even see the need to mention it. Should be well known here. And the OP MC's...everyone here either really hates, really likes, or has no real opinion either way about these types of MC's....but Chinese-oritned MC's of the wuxia/xianxia style to me are ALWAYS the worst, being the most poorly written, with typically the poorest storylines/plots. Most of the time the plot isn't even a plot, just random incidents that somehow expose and accentuate how powerful MC is. It's just.....I guess me being a westerner leaves me incapable of understanding wuxia/xianxia appeal because I just don't understand what's appealing about it. 

I still find myself grossly biased in saying westerners write better over any easterner any day when it comes to styles. Japanese have their beta male MC scourge that I find ridiculous and disgustingly unrealistic....and chinese have....just out about everything wrong with theirs in my eyes except for the occasional gems which seem to grow more rare with time. And the way cultivation is set up....I swear someone was simply drunk as shit when they came up for the names.. And they can't even stick to their own rules when they do cultivation stories....they always find excuses to break the very rules they themselves established typically in the beginning of the story...and then poorly explain how it was possible making their system even less stable than it already was simply by being a cultivation system in the first place. 

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Cultivation stories generally interest people that watch(ed) DBZ, in the western culture. In Asia I presume the wuxia genre it's like elves and dwarves western fantasy, with common tropes for the genre (fairy-like women, immortality and magic weapons/spells...actually, they are elves, right? Funny how people fantasize about same things...)

But yeah, there's a tendency in wuxia to accelerate the growth of the MC a thousand(billion) times compared to other cultivators, for good and bad reasons. 
I mean, it would be pretty boring to read about some dude sitting and meditating under a peach tree for 25 billion years, while he contemplates nirvana, staring at his (own) belly button. Fast paced action and superpowered fight scenes are a good thing, as Hollywood proves often.

Then again, cringy social mores are kinda a let down. Still, as the gaming community proves everyday, if powerups, magic and ultimate artifacts do bring about fame, glory and wealth, I actually understand the wuxia sects/clans etc, like a gaming guild and expect the same type of childish behaviour, including stealing treasuries, betrayals and (who's your grand-daddy?) speeches... 

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I get wuxia and xianxia mixed up. Still couldn't honestly tell you what they are except from what you said. I guess I was just ranting about cultivation stories. And dragon ball z was okay at best simply because I got tired of them stretching fight out and then sometimes entire episodes consisted of them powering up and other characters talking about them powering up and/or how impossible it supposedly was. Annoying. I also dropped Naruto anime for the fillers. Literally by statistics, 44% of shippudrn was filled episodes. I dropped it after that 36 episode chain of fillers after pain arc. Disgusting. It's funny too cuz Naruto creator swore he wouldn't add fillers into shippuden before it aired. Greed got him good it did. Dunno if I would be any better though if I was suddenly making millions. Still, ruined the show for me. Pretty much only read manga now. Anime is pretty dead to me

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I recommend this video if you don't understand the difference between wuxia and xianxia: 

Avenuex made the concepts easier for me to understand and it's a really helpful video in my opinion. 

And yes to InTheEndlessMidnight: I understand what you mean about the stories trying to talk about feminism but like 98% of the "good" cast is men. I always wondered why the MC can't just have a normal relationship with other females either. I've stopped reading most webnovels also because I couldn't handle how annoying people were in general. This one webnovel: Hidden Marriage, doesn't have the usual tropes because the MC doesn't go back in time or anything like that, but the story tries to hard to be feminist but still have the female lead be weaker than the male lead and supporting male lead. It's too annoying and I dropped Hidden Marriage also.... ugh... 

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I mostly drop novels if I don't like the main character. I'll spend most of the novel with the MC, at least make them interesting. So many times the MC is just a nebulous version of the target audience.

Also a hard no is when the author tries to make the MC look smart but can't or won't think of something smart for them to do. A lot of the time they'll just lower the IQ of everyone around them. Like:

Villain: Makes a ridiculous argument no sane person would ever make

MC: Gives a completely mundane, common-sensical response

Bystander A: "Woah! He's brilliant!"

Bystander B: "As expected of a genius"

Finally the reason I actually started writing my own novel:
All those egotistical, greedy, racist MC's almost every kingdom building novel has. Especially chinese ones. Ugh.

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Wes McCabe Wrote: The dropped ones.  So many interesting stories on RR just... stop...

You wait and hope they will come back, but never know.


So many good stories dumped. 

For me, it's when the author designs an interesting style of magic, world law, rule or way of combat, but has an MC no deeper than a manikin to show it. 

And then all the women fall in love with him simply by virtue of his existence. Now kiss.

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QueenDasha Wrote: I'm going to sound like a typical feminist, but as a woman it really bothers me. It's agitating -.-
I hate it when the MC (of course it's going to be a man..)  gets so much attention from women and all the interaction with them is sexual.

In anime too.  I mean.. how does a guy ends up with every one around him belonging to the opposite sex?
It's so fucking unlikely, and so fucking annoying
I mean, come on?! is it a pheromone thing or something??!
I feel like it's somewhat degrading, because honestly I've never seen a woman getting so much attention from men around her

I can't put my finger on it really
Seems like some sort of fucking soft porn or something
Fan service should die

As one of only three guys working at an otherwise all-female staffed store, I can assure you this fantasy is not as appealing as it may at first seem. :P

Really, the one thing I can't stand from a story is wasting my time. If I go a certain number of chapters and nobody's done anything of significance or the plot hasn't started rolling, and none of the characters are engaging, then I drop it in annoyance.

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That all said, here's some plot lines or tropes I could do without ever reading again:

-Teenagers in High School, magic or otherwise
-Coming of Age stories
-Standard Fantasy Worlds (aka Tolkein/DnD style elves, dwarves, orcs)
-Urban Fantasy of the Dresden/Buffy variety
-Video Game Systems in place of Magic Systems
-Magic systems that claim to differentiate themselves, but just end up being the same thing with different wording
-Superhero Parody
-Overwrought politics (as in, in-universe faction struggles that are 90% people talking at each other and scheming)
-By-the-numbers classic genre fiction (I've seen the ur-examples of westerns, space operas, fantasy, etc, give me something with at least a bit of twist or interesting different concept)
-Romance sub-plots, triangular or otherwise
-Characters who are not allowed to be actually interesting out of fear that doing so is a negative reflection on real life people.

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Definitely hate the "I reincarnated" storylines. Also hate the "Sucked into a videogame" (except .hack of course) stories. Although sometimes I'll find something so bad that it's great. Harems make me cringe yet I do like at least two of them (Mahou Sensei Negima and Highschool DxD). I think sometimes I enjoy the ridiculousness.

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1. High school or magic school. 

2. I also need a good reason for portal fiction, otherwise it reminds me all those schoolgirls who got sucked into the magic realms and fav books by falling down toilette bowls before the techno alternative of a MMO or a morbid alternative of die first, live later became available. In-setting character is always a win for me over an average teen who one day after waking up and eating breakfast discovers... see #1

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Sharkerbob Wrote: That all said, here's some plot lines or tropes I could do without ever reading again:
-Overwrought politics (as in, in-universe faction struggles that are 90% people talking at each other and scheming)

You honestly don't see it much around these parts because it takes a lot of effort to create such needlessly complicated stories, but MAN do I hate Courtroom Politics stories sometimes. Everyone says stuff, but they don't mean it. Everyone is walking around whispering about their secret backstabbing plans and how to seize power and stuff. It's like they're written by an advanced robot that has been shown Game of Thrones and House of Cards, and those are its only examples of human behavior in its entire databanks. Sometimes you're allowed to have characters that aren't duplicitous masterminds!

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Whew... well, I got a few:

- In male-MC stories, the relative lack of male peers/companionship is a big pet peeve
- Lone wolf > community trope (shoot, that was part of the whole Beowulf issue with Graendal - Graendal was a monstrosity in part in that he was not part of the community under the auspices of Hrothgar)
- Harems! Just grow a pair and pick one
- Oversexualization of women (objectified bodies, sex-addicted temperaments, etc). I've heard this trope called bimboification in other sites
- Related to that, sexualization of minors (more common with female minors)
- Petty antagonists for the sake of having antagonists / MC fighting over anything senselessly

Most, if not all, of these could be summed up as dysfunctional or unrealistic relationship dynamics

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I never reject a story on title or tag alone, because there are no absolutely new concepts out there and everyone should get a chance to get their own (hopefully creative) twist into it. So if there is something that sounds as if it might be interesting (based on title or cover), I check the synopsis an sometimes even the first few chapters to build an opinion.

That said, I can't count how many stories here on RR I flagged as "not interested" after the synopsis or a few chapters to prevent me from making the mistake and picking it again...

To get a story interesting there has to be some opposition - I'm willing to read along until that happens (in my own story it doesn't happen for several chapters), but if the story just consist of an overpowered MC with wish-fulfillment on the author that regularly crashes the next hyper-god, then that is absolutely booring for me. There has to be some difficulty that is not neglegtable to get a story interesting (in my own story the General only had minor setbacks so far, but the big one is only three releases away, and several additional minor ones are already in his current (mis-) planning).

You also have to put some creativiity and your own ideas into the story, if you can't get me something new then I have no interest to read the adventures of farmer boy #819 in middle-earth-copy #2417 if you understand what I mean.
That is why I at least read the synopsis before pulling the plugin on a story - if the writer has something in the synopsis that sounds like a new idea then I'm willing to overlook tags like "overpowered MC" (means no real conflict) or "harem" (usually means idiotic MC and brainwashed barbies) or "isekay" (often means a character that ignores everything he might have learned from his original world)

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I just want to add a different one and say that I cringe every time I read a synopsis where the MC goes back in time at the very beginning of a story, like a story is never as good on the second read, why would I read an entire book about the second go around if it’s the same timeline?!

As for Harem stories, apart from the obvious my largest pet peeve is when the MC is the only “decent” male in the entire story and literally every single other male character degrades into a misogynistic bandit at some point just to be antagonistic even if it clashes with their original character, while literally every female is seduced to the good side by the MC who is objectively an idiot and pretends he is the greatest genius ever.

But I hate most romances in general, since the good ones are apparently finite and the bad ones are infinite. I also despise any mention of a character who is somehow magnetically attractive to literally everyone, as if beauty could ever be increased so much that it becomes weaponized. There will always be people who don’t give a snot what some random stranger looks like. And a lot of them then go as far as saying “all of the opposite gender and then some of the same gender” like it was some rpg resistance that you can overcome if you just have higher stats. I don’t read on Wattpad anymore though, all this reincarnation dungeon litrpgs are either easier to tolerate or I’ve grown some immunity to annoyance. Harems suck though.