Volunteering for reviews

Before I start, I would like to mention that by no mean do I consides myself anything more than a fledgling author myself. 

However, I do enjoy helping others, especially those wise enough to understand they need help. Grammar is outside my forte, being barely passable myself, however I can assist with finding plot-holes, inconsistes and charectiorzation and development. I like to believe I'm fairly solid in regard to fighting scenes, especially in modern combat (that's actually my day job) but I do love ole' medieval throw down. 

My help would include a per chapter comment, citing any errors I catch as well as commendation for thing you did well. As well as an overall review of your story at its current development.

I prefer fantasy, especially anything that escapes the usual tropes of this RRL, but I'll pick up anything.

If your story fails to hold my interest due to my own likes/dislikes, I'll mention as such. Regardless, I pledge to make and honest rewiew up to the point I lost interest, without bias to my own personal tastes. My level of boredom the factor, I may or may not return to your story at a later date. 

Well there it be. 

Just leave a reply if you want my help. Just state your genre and a link. If you have any special considerations such as predating I directly on you instead of leaving comment or public reviews, just state as much in your post. 

Feel free to pm me directly if you would like me to review any unpublished material, and we'll set something up. 

And as always any review or comment to my own work are always appreciated.

RE: Volunteering for reviews

My work is called Magikind and it is a sci-fi/ low fantasy. Here's the link: https://royalroadl.com/fiction/13723/magikind

It's pretty unique in both how I wrote it out and in its plot (not the normal genre of litrpg or xianxia that's common on rrl) so I hope you enjoy

I'll have a look at yours at some point.
Have a read of my web novel: Magikind

a sci-fi/low fantasy set in the late fifth millennia.

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RE: Volunteering for reviews

Hi Maestro FuzzyGuy,

I'd really appreciate your help as well. You mentioned looking into plot-holes and the like. Any reviews, comments or input would be awesome if you have time. You're probably swamped with other stories at the moment.

The story is: The Vorrgistadt Saga. It's grimdark fantasy, swords & sorcery-style.

Thanks in advance. I'll bookmark your fiction and have a read.
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RE: Volunteering for reviews

Fantasy and deliberately going against the tropes and poking fun at them in the process? Sounds like I hit the prerequisites nail on the head, so give Yuusha Youjo a whirl sometime. Assuming you're ok with loli's. It would be nice to have someone with some experience review my assumptions of ballistics and explosives as well.
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