Drafts or final?

I want to upload a fiction, but here is the question - do you upload a draft (2nd or 3rd or 1st) or wait until it is "final"?

How do people release 2 chapters a week that are "close to final" or better while working / school / family commitments suck up time?

Just wondering if people upload drafts or wait for final versions.


RE: Drafts or final?

Unless you're sitting on a completed manuscript you plan to dole out a chapter at a time I think it's fair to call anything you post a "draft". In the sense that if you ever decide to compile it and publish you'll have to do some sort of final editing. And just because you are posting a "draft" doesn't mean you shouldn't polish it as much as you can - I think most people finish a chapter and give it a read over or two to catch typos and other errors before posting, I know I do.

As for time... well it's a time consuming hobby, you either make time for it or you don't. That part is all on you, if you care enough it's not hard at all to set aside and hour or two a day. Whether you want to do that or not is up to you.

RE: Drafts or final?

Personally, I posts 3rd drafts completed novels/novellas.  Theses aren't final as it's close in terms of story but not there yet. Usually I post 3rd drafts so I have most if not all story issues ironed out. I get a few more while posting because it helps. However, it's one chapter per week. My chapters are longer and the stories are shorter. Posting more just means I don't get enough time to complete something else I'm working on. I use that weeks time to perform a few more edits because I'm never done in that sense because my writing is far from perfect.

As for posting 2 chapters per week? You make time for it. Having enough time in the day is a writers biggest problem because there are a lot of other things you need to do so you just make the time to do it.

RE: Drafts or final?

I post my first drafts which tends to work fine, even though I'm one of those pantsers, that being said, I do give it a brief read over to catch a few spelling mistakes and remove clunky phrasing.
As for chapters, I often release 1 or 2 5000 word chapters a week (I'm currently in uni 9-5)... you make time and lose sleep, there's more time in a day than you think.

RE: Drafts or final?

10/29/2017 1:06:47 PMLudditelite Wrote: [ -> ]My OCD says wait for everything to be perfect. It will never be perfect.  Guess I'll try posting a draft.  Thank you for the advice

This has been what put me off of uploading a story until earlier this week. It never felt decent enough.
Getting someone to read the first couple of chapters over and get some real world feedback helped get over the hump.
If a chapter gives a bad feeling, ask someone if they would like to give you a hand and read it over. usually a second opinion can point to where your unease is coming from, letting you fix it, rather than just worry about it because you can't see what's wrong. (We are blind to our own mistakes more often than not).