RE: I am so tired of harems

12/14/2017 16:33:02Lessa Wrote: [ -> ]
12/14/2017 12:07:50AndrewJVarela Wrote: [ -> ]A parody's already been done, and its pretty good:

It centers around giving the girls their dreams back, and inadvertently (sometimes advertently) breaking them from their 'owner' in the process.

Harems aren't a problem. The problem is when authors mistake 'open relationships' as 'polygamic relationships'. You can't have development in the first one because its purely physiological, and its a stretch to call it a relationship to begin with. You can in the second.

Giving people hope and then breaking it, that suspiciously sounds like what a certain cowardly apostle does in an uncertain card games. I wonder if the Clown will get bored of toying with his victim someday and start gathering Harem like the MC of that novel. Thanks for the recommendation anyway.

The Clown says hi.