RE: insigh about real life problem (including about author and reader)

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well,because a lot of novel on this site like to use "japan novel" and those stuff ? (and this site is like 70% a novel about reincarnate stuff,with was from japan novel) ,have meet few novel which totally have those flat 2D character personality here

that what I think can be helpful and a "wake up call" to those who write anime character personality like "tsundere,... " without any part that make them a real person here ,at least this guy novel "The True Endgame" nail it when it come to make personality based on like "tsundere" but still make them interesting and feel real like a person
(of course this is only for make them better and not offend anyone or say anime are totally bad here)

RE: insigh about real life problem (including about author and reader)

McClelland's theory of motivation is what causes mental problems if it stretches into the negative. a sort of reverse-motivation so to speak (if you have no friends, you feel sad. if you're life decisions are being made by someone other than you, you feel trapped. if you cant be proud of yourself from doing the things you do, you feel empty or useless to yourself.)

i think these three are motivations to live. take these away, and everyone gets hit with the same damage regardless of being rich or poor

Re: insigh about real life problem (including about author and reader)

about the "choice": 

My thoughts on choice were also meant as a thought provoking point to keep in the back of peoples' heads. The main point was for people to strive towards what they felt was best, given all their choices and peoples' advice. 
If for them that choice is to not go with the flow, then that's great. But if for them that choice is to go with the flow, that's great too, and they shouldn't try and force themselves to not go with the flow. 
In fact, I am also someone who decided to not go with the flow. I decided to move to Canada to study for my Uni, and even took a Financial Econ major. Everyone in my family wanted me to go to either America or Australia (since some relatives lived there) and study either Engineering or any other Science related field. 
But regardless, maybe the most important point I wanted to convey to people was that they don't need to be unique to make an impact. Everyones' actions and inactions are inherently impactful in a very significant way. So my personal advice would be "Don't strive to be unique, strive to be yourself." 

Mentally Fragile to Mentally STRONG! You have to listen to this!

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Re: insigh about real life problem (including about author and reader)

I think this is an inherent problem of platforms and their members. Not something we can strictly control.

On one side, you have a platform providing free content and, on the other, content-creators willing to deliver it. 

Of course, as most people know, constantly providing free things forms a sense of entitlement in people. And even when it doesn't, it enables those with it to find a place where those free things are provided. Unfortunately, this is normal. Not good nor ideal, but normal. 

It's the way social dynamics work. 

The best thing we can do to avoid this sort of issues is carefully choosing how we approach those potential reviewers/readers in order to minimize those reviews. Romance, for example, gets posted on Wattpad more frequently than in RRL. Conversly, Fantasy gets posted here more often than in Wattpad. The same thing can go for other genre's like Xianxia and a platform that should not be named. 

Of course, if all you care about is exposition, then you can post it anywhere. That is, if you accept the consequences of such an approach.

That being said, I do agree that the whole 5 star system is broken. People rate things they like 5 stars. People rate things they dislike 0.5 stars. It's a very subjective system, with bias in both directions. Bias that extends beyond the min-maxing scores.

However, you have to understand that the system works itself around. Unconsciously, people have started to take total scores of 3-5 stars as the new 0-5 stars. It's simply a change in score distributions, one which changes alongside the expectations of the readers themselves.

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