Cold Steel Dig

Kelly Knight wants her time on the laptop. Unfortunately, Matt (her younger brother) runs 2D mining game and plays like his friend's life depends on it.

When Matt loses he's taken by a Dark Fae Prince who appears to give Kelly three choices:
1. Forget about her bother and the game
2. Join her brother in the Garden of 1000 Kindnesses
3. Enter the Realm Under the Hill and play the game in actuality to win her brother's and the other kidnapped children's freedom

Of course, she chooses option 3.

She must play the game, completing tasks to gain lives, collecting keys to upgradeĀ her weapon and gathering ore improve her pickaxe. But it's not all grinding for ore and battling the monsters within the mine. With help from Mr. Black, theĀ reaper who brings her back from death, she must figure out a way to completely ruin the final boss' plans to kidnap more children from her realm.


I hope you'll give my story a chance. As of this posting, it has 17 chapters and 83 pages with more chapters posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

There is also NO profanity

Suggestions and feedback are welcomed via PM.