Hello, I'm wercwercwerc. Just dropping a post here as recommended for my story The Snake Report.

Basic summary: Its a comedy based around the genre of being reincarnated into another world. The main character finds himself deep in the depths of an environment that's absolutely inhospitable to just about any living thing, and does his best to survive while still maintaining his sanity. Unfortunately for just about everything and everyone else, this tends to result in complete disaster.

But that's okay. Probably.

The Book One for this story is linked here: http://royalroadl.com/fiction/14396/the-snake-report

I plan to have the first book finished and uploaded soon, then the updates will probably stop until the second book is complete. I do write and post those chapters elsewhere, but I'm trying to post only the polished up results of this story and not super-rough drafts.

Anyways, All Hail the Tiny Snake God 

Thank you for reading!