RE: What would you do if you were God?

I would find a small and insignificant world, populate it with a species of bizarre-looking bipedal apes. I would then single out a specific individual and fill their life with hardship and turmoil, giving them just enough will and resources to prevail through all my challenges, ultimately leading them to a happy ending.

So, essentially what I do as an author.

RE: What would you do if you were God?

Watch. As if history was a finely crafted piece of art to be enjoyed by a conessuir, and treat history as someone having putting up a show. Naturally there would need to be a fine tiny adjustments, and there is the whole "secure my position", which is a rediculess checklist of things to do to ensure that no-one comes in and touples me (we are talkin securing the possibility space for all pasts and futures, locking down space-time and so on).

It would also be entertaining to play the mystical super powerfull figure, who rarely bothers with problems - because they are all to small scale to matter. Like, oh no, demons are invading and killing humanity; oh this will be interesting, but I guess I will have to reload the backup, and go down and "have a word" with the underworld and "tell them off" for "getting me involved".

RE: What would you do if you were God?

Travel. See what's it all about. Jog up to the early human and his best craftsmanship of my image (or one of them) and pat him on the back. Watch as a star collapses into a black hole. Breathe the earliest oxygen atmosphere of Earth. Look at how the humans are reaching the skies. Go to a planet #21345 and see how some other intelligent race are making sense of it all. Go into a shrine of antiquities and possess a mortal to see how it feels again. Utter words that mean nothing to me but everything to those that listen.

RE: What would you do if you were God?

I guess, it really depends on how high in the cosmic leaderboard, it is. There are some which are so pointlessly powerful that it's self-defeating.

Let's see... If I was God... I would probably create aliens, if they don't already exist. If the laws of physics don't allow for faster than light movement, then well... Screw the rules, I'll just make new ones. And I'll make everything fit for galactic space travel, etc.

Maybe, watch the fireworks erupt when a couple of interstellar empires duke it out.

9/17/2017 12:04:53 AMAndrewJVarela Wrote: [ -> ]Make myself not God. There's no joy in being omnipotent, only work.

Being omnipotent can actually be frightening. Although, it depends on how omnipotent.
If you're omniscient, then you know everything that has happened and will happen, with absolute certainty. Every little detail about the entirety of all existence will be at your fingertips.

True omniscience sucks. Royally. It's by far the worst power you could have.

I wrote one story, which hasn't seen the light of day yet, where the god went insane, because they couldn't distinguish between their imagination and reality. Or rather, was there a difference to begin with? Did the world come into being when they did or did they gain control over it when they came into being? Did they ever come into being?

They are so powerful that reality is nothing more than a delusion to them, if they want something to happen, it just happens, no matter how nonsensical or logic breaking. They know everything about everything.

Even if they influence the world, they already know what would happen. No matter what they do, it's all equally pointless. They desperately want to find someone or something which is outside their absolute control.

RE: What would you do if you were God?

With my impossible God powers I would look into the future and see how all my favorite stories conclude. Particularly Overlord. Then, if I don't like the ending, or it's too short, or whatever - I'll rewrite the laws of reality, going into the past and ...encouraging the author so he can write more and better, in an endless cycle until all my favorite books are thousands of volumes and all my favorite shows are hundreds of seasons long!

Then I'll use my God powers to make myself forget so I can read/watch them again!

RE: What would you do if you were God?

If I were God, I would hire a lazy call center to manage the prayers of all my devoted followers in hopes that after a million calls back and forth speaking to different departments they could get through and have their prayers answered. Meanwhile I could work on newer projects and civilizations so that my resources were managed properly. If the call center got lazy I would set up a direct line through an earth ambassador every few thousand years or so to pass my message shaking my my little humanity simulation. Oh wait...

Re: What would you do if you were God?

If I was a god, first thing is, I don't want to work. I'll make a copy of myself but in opposite gender, give it a Hardworking Talent as well. Then I'll "kidnap" random soul and dump a System into their soul then dump them into random world owned by other God or Goddess without their permission because I don't have a world and it will be hardwork so might as well used someone else, am I right?

My other self is responsible for creating, modifying the system and bestow a System to the Soul.
And me, kidnapping a Soul, then dump them into a random world. Whenever they survive or not, is not my problem as there's a "Beginner Gift" that everyone knows of, it's a rigged Gift that guarantee survival for definite time.
After certain time period, I make another me in opposite gender and do the work while I laid in sofa, watching a TV of "protagonist" battling monsters with the systems and so on.
If the souls turn OP. I just "kidnap" an evil soul, bestow them a System that fit them well and purposely make the evil soul face against the OP soul, for the sake of entertainment.
At this point, I'm just an audience who have an ability to "tweak" the Soul's "Destiny".

If I get Complaints from Gods or Goddesses, I just brush it aside and act like it's not my problem but theirs who have terrible security in their worlds.
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