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EDIT: here is the question : below will be the context
what is the URL trick to link directly to a given page of the table of content of a fiction  ?

Indeed, when you refresh a fiction page, the table of content is refreshed to the "page 1 of the contents", even if you navigated to page 20.

what is the interest for this ? : see below :

I'm not so new, but not really expert.

Often I like to read "offline" (due to possibility of loss of network for example - or to capitalize on being in a wifi zone), so I usually go to the page of the fiction and load chapters 1-2-3-4-5..Etc of the novel in different tabs.

however here comes the issue, when I read those, I want to upload the chapters 20-21-22 ...Etc
but going back to the fiction page, I'm once again on page 1 listing the "records" / chapters. 

so I have to scroll down, and click on the 2nd page, then click on "open in new tab" the chapters 20-21-22..

So that doesn't seem too horrible does it ?

the issue arrives when there are 50+ or even 200+ chapters...
it is really bothersome to click on page 5, then 7, then 9 then 11 (because the mobile doesn't allow you do click directly on page 11, only until p6, and then it opens the possibility to click on +2 more) until I reach page 21.etc.

I would have let it pass as being the unfairness of the universe, like shower become cold without warning, or slightly humid bread or something like that.

However I recently navigated, by happenstance, through an (old?) fiction that kept the page in memory in fiction page, even when i left the tab and refreshed it...

at that time I didn't take note of the url used :( ... 
and it's only after leaving that fiction and catching up in other fictions that I dream to find again this trick...

any help ?

from memory it should be something like the following (but obviously my trials didn't work):
there could be a ? a # a ? and/or a = or something else ..

(for further info, it works for review pages by typing ?reviews=2 at the end :

(and I tried replacing "reviews" by chapter / chapters / page / pages ...  no effect .

I pray for your help !

RE: Navigating Royalroadl

The problem lies in the fact that chapters table is already fully loaded. This means that the web page doesn't load another instance when you go to the next page on the chapters table, like the reviews. This website also didn't declare specific links for the different pages of the chapters table, making it impossible to load a certain page, like page 5. If you reload the web page, then it will always start at page 1, because you've reloaded the whole chapters table component and thus has caused it to reset.

Re: Navigating Royalroadl

I've been poking at the html code for the page for a while and I don't think there's an easy way to do this.

The chapter list seems to be loaded as an html table, and clicking the 'next' arrow doesn't seem to load a new page, it just changes the entries in the table. I don't know if it does this by just loading the next entries, or if the entries are all loaded simultaneously and simply swapped out - although that would be my guess, I didn't find where they were stored in the code, either. Maybe someone with more than absolutely minimal knowledge of html would be able to figure it out, but I can't.

That being said...

If you like reading offline, I'd suggest you look into downloading epubs; something like quicknovel if you're on android, or maybe the lightnovel-crawler discord bot. Paired with a reasonable epub reader, the experience is highly superior to opening a bunch of browser tabs simultaneously.

Reading epubs should give you a legit table of contents, the ability to change text size/color/font, and even text-to-speech, if you want your phone to read to you. (Far inferior to an actual audiobook, but I use it while driving.)