What do you want to be reincarnated as?

I can't believe there's no thread about this yet. Or is there? Tried searching, but couldn't find anything.  :p

Anyway, hypothetical; you die, you get reborn. Details like past-life memories and how organic you are aside, what do you want to be if you could choose to be literally anything?

I had this conversation with some friends a while ago. My answer was a planet.
Yes, a literal planet. A habitable one too. Then I can watch and nurture as sentience evolved a primitive race into an advanced civilization. I'd guide the race even without them knowing, always looking forward to the boundaries they'd break, always watching silently to see if they'd doom themselves or they finally find elsewhere to live.

Actually, maybe I won't be that silent. I'd probably set a "timer" for them to get off my back, like climate change or some kind of disease like in Interstellar. Lel. 
I'd be like,  "Hereeee coooomes glooooobal waaaarmiiiing. Now go and build your spaceships."   XD

...On second thought, maybe I was thinking of "God" instead of a planet.

So what's yours?

RE: What do you want to be reincarnated as?

a planet is only a planet
i would choose to be a star, or black hole, a Big Bang, etc. instead, if i was to choose something of cosmos scale
or just outright being some kind of god, the type that create everything, like a Big Bang with conciousness, simply god is not enough, as gods may very well be just another 'sentient race'

or if it's something conceptual, then i'd represent 'Knowledge' or 'Wisdom', being able to know everything that everyone knows :p