Who we are~

Dear RRLians.... the hostile takeover of DRAFT was completed without issue, but unfortunately DRAFT was somehow burned to the ground I admit nothing so that a new group could rise from its ashes it's technically a phoenix that does that but whatever.

Kirins' Notes

A Discord based editing and proofreading group where authors come together to help each other by providing tips.

You can reach the server through this link.

I promise we won't steal your cookies.

RE: Who we are~

09/17/2017 23:40:33The Last Melody Wrote: [ -> ]Invalid or expired link.

Should be fixed now, but if you're still having problems please Pm me. 
Don't know why it didn't work in the first place... should have been set to never expire... 

09/12/2017 22:54:29JadeFire Wrote: [ -> ]No application?

At the moment we have a proofreading test that can be taken, however the editing test is still a work in progress. However if anyone wants to apply to become an editor, I'll be happy to find a random chapter donated by a random victim author for them to take a test with.