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how to write a good crafting story without bad infodump :

you can always jump in and out of "shared-with-the-reader-detail-depth" so don't hesitate to skip or summarize the boring/repeats to craft a good specific experience that's more memorable about one aspect of the process, for example. As you likely know, there's an incredible variety of well-written blacksmithing and alchemy descriptions out in the web for you to crib and customize etc. - so many chinese web fictions, japanese light novels, etc. - let alone actual books on the subject or youtube etc. so you shouldn't feel like you need to invent the wheel, just determine your goal - I want the reader to experience X, be impressed by Y, learn about Z, find the beauty in fire, etc. -- and then you can find a good model and tweak it to your liking (or write a fresh etc.).

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good technique for farming (even medieval time can do it),by using duck

the only cons is listed in the video,and in highlight comment (conclusion:not recommended for lazy fucks and this one requires more meticulous managing compared to having a few guys just spray everything with pesticides,and its not really cheaper it terms of cost but if managed properly along with a number of other eco-friendly techniques it can yield more rice and healthier rice if done properly which would fetch a higher price.)

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here are a lot of simple inventions that the mc can invent even if he don't have a great memory or isn't a crafter in the first place here (like how normal people like us can remember and do),they will greatly help the people/kingdom in medieval era there :

  • paper clip

  • velcro

  • Non-electrical Refrigerator:Mohammed Bah Abba made a really cool invention, which won a Rolex Award of $100,000 –a refrigerator than runs without electricity. Here's how it works. You take a smaller pot and put it inside a larger pot. Fill the space in between them with wet sand, and cover the top with a wet cloth. When the water evaporates, it pulls the heat out with it, making the inside cold. It's a natural, cheap, easy-to-make refrigerator. Evaporative fridges are a relatively well-tested, proven, low-tech approach to cooling. They can cool products, food and beverages at about 15-20 C below ambient temperatures. They are most appropriate in hot, dry (not humid) climates

  • Create fitness equipment: weights like dumbbells, barb bells etc.

  • Batphones (hear amplifier):The name alone makes these worth writing about: Batphones. The low-tech hearing aid is an update to simply cupping your hand to your ear. The side “scoops” channel sound from in front directly into the ear, much as a satellite dish focusses the signal into the antenna. Matthias Ries' concept isn't meant to be a replacement for regular hearing aids, but more as an enhancement for people talking in loud places, or those with a small amount of hearing loss. - MC could use for scouting etc.

  • horse collar device:A horse collar is a part of a horse harness that is used to distribute the load around a horse's neck and shoulders when pulling a wagon or plough. The collar often supports and pads a pair of curved metal or wooden pieces, called hames, to which the traces of the harness are attached. The collar allows the horse to use its full strength when pulling, essentially enabling the animal to push forward with its hindquarters into the collar. If wearing a yoke or a breastcollar, the horse had to pull with its less-powerful shoulders. The collar had another advantage over the yoke as it reduced pressure on the horse's windpipe.

  • semaphore line / heliograph / shuttered lanter for faster communication - using light or candles for moving quick messages.

  • distillation of products for stronger alcohol?

  • introduce higher mathmatics for accounting?

  • double entry book keeping?

  • cast iron plow

  • moldboard plow

  • Two-horse straddle-row cultivator patented

  • Spring-tooth harrow for seeding

  • Grain cradle and scythe design for easier grain harvesting



and here is a picture for other idea of inventing thing if your mc are in the past

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how to city planning (the outline),only got the part of chapter but they still show the main point:

This was harder than he was expecting. He needed to take into account so many things. Placing streets and houses were the easy part, but he could not just design something for "now", he had to be forward thinking. This was to be his capital. It needed to be functional even in fifty years. He needed to pave the way for water and gas piping and electrical wires. The city had to be able to handle both trash and wastewater too.

"I see you already have a rough plan. Did you decide on the city's policies?"
"Policies?" He was curious.
"For example, you will need to decide how tall buildings can be. This will determine the size and numbers of the residential blocks. You will also need to decide if this is a pedestrian only city, or if you will allow horse-drawn carriage. They are noisy, smelly and will dirty the streets but they are very convenient. This is important to decide street width and the number of public transport facilities needed..."
Mia listed a long list of things he needed to decide before actually starting drawing his plan. Wellbeing, accessibility, style, public transport, services, ... They were all important but he had not thought of most of those things.

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about the character growth:

If you try to write character growth all in one chapter. Don't do that. Character growth is NEVER a 1 chapter thing. It's a 1 ARC thing. (8-40 chapters, depending on the book) forcing his character growth in 1 big change in 1 chapter, and then having him be fun for 7 chapters of action and experiments, and then 1 big chapter of a character change, is annoying and a trap a lot of young authors on here seem to fall into.

If you aren't super good at character growth yet, that's fine. Just don't FORCE it into the story. Figure out where you want him to be, then write the plot backward on an outline with just major points if you want.

so far I see trends developing that a LOT of other people fall into and don't try to stop and their stories die.

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some really good insight about the Xianxia novel in general here, there are 3 comments that you can clearly see talk about different part of a genre:

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_The idea that the strong rule and the weak suffer is present, but people take sides. It's annoying how many Xanxia start with the character with an op ability because he got good karma from helping poor people in their past life, but as soon as they become cultivators all that "caring for others" goes out the window. Or when an OP "good guy" MC sees an injustice that would take him just to snap his fingers to solve he goes like "well, not my problem, this world is like this" of course is like that if they don't do anything to change it.

_I don't like the power stripping in stories, but that's because I hate angst. He hasn't been too angsty, either working, trying, or watching children. Not whining and lashing out at friends. The building back stronger than ever aspect is something I like. Most cultivation novels sects and schools start you out with shitty techniques and even if you stumble across op technique, the idea of the character being able to improve it is much more appealing than just getting things.


_I love Xianxia but the way the Chinese write characters and their philosophies etc get on mhm nerves, this one is much more humane, much more emotional. It’s an amazing blend of Xianxia immortals and Morden western philosophies and ideals.

most reincarnation books either make reincarnates a dumb idiot, an intelligent super genius with modern skills or neglects it completely.

You displayed the characters modern earth identity through his mindset, philosophy, ideals and little tie bits of knowledge and memories, rather than through a shallow display of modern inventions (machinery, technology etc) or dumbness due to a lack of common sense.

There are also some novels where you see the MC shed his original identity as an earthling and completely accommodate the conventions of the world they live in. Which isn’t bulls##t, that’s not character development, that’s just the author losing the biggest asset of what reincarnation novels can give.

if there’s a thing I never understood about most cultivation novels is how it keeps talking about defying the heavens or immortals not concerned with mortal things etc. Is that then why the hell are they so goddamn stuck to convention, they’re defying the goddamn heavens for gods sake, why do they wise men keep giving advice like their so wise, but what comes out of their mouths is essentially talking banjo how the world works and that they should accept it and if they don’t then they’re idiots. Like, isn’t defying the heavens and cultivation, essentially going AGAINST how the world works?! Do you even understand this paradox, like sometimes it can’t be helped, but non-existent of these cultivators for some reason ever think about changing things. No, they kill things, get things, invade things. They’re always looking at the heavens but never below them. They defy the heavens, but Then live a conventional cultivation life, kill things, get things, invade things etc.

They live in law of the jungle, just like Wild animals do. I sometimes can’t see these guys as anything special. Greatness comes from the mind, and what you do with what she inside the mind.

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”
Your novel does none of that which I love, the way you develop your characters make a lot of sense, takes time, and they don’t lose their original beliefs but rather evolve them.

Cha min is both a reasonable man, but also unreasonable, he’s reasonable in that he’s always thinking of others, and think every should have choices. But he dislikes fate, he dislikes the way the world is, and while he has adapted, he also rejects it. He continues a vegetarian diet, and continues to do illogical things, risking his life for a fox he just met. Etc. Essentially fighting for ones ideals is unreasonable. And in Xianxia novels I see very few characters that do that. Which is very ironic, considering they get a string in order to change their lives, but then they become the same people that they hate or take revenge against.

I feel like more than any other cultivation novel, I can see how these characters come to understanding with the workings of the world, without completely shedding their identities. There are some who try yes. But is narrated to show toe consequences and the nie impossibility if it.

Ok, some of the stuff I said may not make sense since I’m writing this is at 6 am in the morning without sleep. I’ll edit this later or smth.

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Just dropping by here to say thanks for the link. It gave me a good insight, when I realize I was really far from what is an actually decent Author. I understand why I'm relatively unpopular and I think it's fine because so far I am not ready to write for audiences yet and it's simply a hobby.

I enjoy a lot of things this thread has written, mostly on the general things like character, dialogues, usage of words and such. What truly shocked me was the tips were actually rather simple, yet I know implementing them were actually a different matter.

Sorry to write in a wall of text here:

Spoiler :

I also like how the Authors kept saying: the most important thing is to enjoy what you're writing. Don't force yourself to make it what others think as good but focus on what you like.

To think about it, my biggest weakness as an Author might be that I was especially terrible at writing synopsis (I got my interest rather turned off reading my own) and too lazy to put up a cover page. I got this habit for a reason such as wanting to keep the readers' expectations as low as possible, especially since I incorporated a lot of elements I think people may not like and I tend to warn them about it rather than encouraging them to read and learn to adapt to the differences. I don't know, I'm just used to be the only one liking the things I do and not wanting to force my tastes on others.

Back then when I just started writing, I sometimes got discouraged by repeated harsh criticisms and my mentality wasn't as good. When people kept complaining I tend to drop my story even if I put my all on writing it. Well I had my personal reasons for it.

Even as for now, I do not think of myself as much of an Author. I'm just someone who likes to write. I used to have a habit, when people have supported my works, I immediately lost sight of my own vision in writing and just blindly follow whatever they want. That's when I was immature back then though.

I was also not as good when people go with criticisms like, go read novel A if you want to understand good plot or try reading more about subject A if you want to create something with more realism--simply because I have no interest with it. Or when they simply get all technical my mind could not really understand. Well, if they think my work is bad or even garbage, I won't get offended with it--that's their opinion and I respect that. 

My main gripe was, I had a full time job and it's very hard for me to read, if I have no interest at all, just because they want my work to be better according to their standards. I want my writing to vent off my stress, not adding to it. I guess it's good when I like the recommended novel or interested in the subject, but nowadays, finding a story to read for me is not as easy and I wasn't really smart to learn subjects quickly, especially with having a job and mostly wanting to rest and have fun after work.

I could be extremely picky and the elements I want in stories were difficult to find, that's why I end up writing most of them myself anyway, although there's still many things I find my own ability lacking to even write them.

Although as the result, even if one judge a story, even as the worst one on this site, if I find myself interested in it, I could read it and ignore all the flaws. Rather, sometimes I think, the flaws in their story could actually be a good way to improve myself. Imperfection and flaw might be a kind of perfection in itself. It's how you use it to your advantage to create the stories you want. You don't necessarily have to adhere by the rules that people think made a good story, but based it upon things you'd like to write about. Your taste are your taste. 

Currently I'm working to expand my interest bit by bit, for the sake of solely having fun. Maybe I suck for now, but I'll try to get better since I wish to try writing new ideas. Doing the same things over are EXTREMELY BORING and that's the last thing I want when I write.

I guess, my main reason to start again from Absurdist works was due to it having more freedom. I can change the world's internal logic and create scenarios that may not be possible if I stick to the usual logic of realism. I had read some of the Absurdist Fiction, most of them were available on classical literature; can't say I am a fan of them in general since I find them a good number rather difficult to understand, but they sure serve as a good foundation for me. So, when I felt like writing something terribly bad for the fun of it, I can just use Absurd as a reason and try to cook up something entertaining from it.

Well actually, if I could understand it, Absurdism was my favorite. Like the works from Furuya Usamaru such as Palepoli; manga series like Hinamatsuri and even Pop Team Epic or That's Just Senpai's Dick. I mainly just read manga (and sometimes LN) since a lot of Western Novels were hard to read for me and a lot of Jap novels translated were the normal ones, although at times there's one weird novel like 100 Cheat Skills. Overgeared and the Returnee novel had pretty weird but fun comedy. In CN novels, there's collection of shorts titled Short, Light, Free but the hook wasn't very strong for me.

I believe Rules, especially in Art, in Writing included, should not be there as limiting factor but as a guideline. To help myself develop how to get the most out of my writing activities. I believe the learning process is always something gradual and I'll get better with time as long I keep having fun. Use the Rules as I see fit, to get myself the most benefit and the least amount of loss. If necessary, break it to create something I find better.

Absurdism was one way to do it and if I recall there's the other thing called Metafiction, but I don't really have a good grasp to talk about it lol

Well this gets too long maybe rather boring also, idk hahaha

Sorry if I talked very long. I just want to share my experience in writing. I don't plan on being a popular Author, I'm just referring to this to my fellow writers who write for hobby. So, if you had some really weird ideas in mind, don't be afraid to just write them down no matter how shit and terrible others thought it was. I might even like them if it's to my taste.