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It's not particularly great or inspiring, and only slightly fits your criteria, but I find  Maou Shoujo Makoto Chaos to be good fun.

Then there's Taint, which is well written and fits your criteria more exactly, but is not on RRL.  I certainly recommend this one.

As a sidenote, I find the criteria you list being titled a "strong female lead" to be a strange association, but that's an offtopic tangent of mine and a different discussion.

Edit: If you're okay with Japanese webnovels, then I have a couple recommendations that might be closer to what you want.

RE: Strong Female Leads

She isn't psychotic but otherwise it seems like a fit.
The female MC becomes crazier as it goes on and it's pretty good.
Pretty strong MC.
Doesn't really care about normal people unless she recruits them.

RE: Strong Female Leads

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RE: Strong Female Leads

Both of my series fit the bill for strong female lead.

Both are romantic fantasy--meaning that the focus is on character development, interactions, growth, and romance.

No harem in either.

Dark/High Fantasy: Of Astral and Umbral currently at ~150 chapters. Getting close to 800k words.

GameLit/Portal Fantasy: Deck of Souls just started releasing chapters. Have a bunch scheduled, and am around halfway through finishing book one.
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