Re: Why most of the authors drop their stories


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Honestly, I wonder how many people that complain about stories being dropped have dropped a few dollars/subscriptions on patreon... because most authors end up getting fed a bunch of abuse, "much needed" advice, and other such great positive incentives to keep going that just asking the question of "why did you stop putting in hours and hours of effort, mental energy and planning for free" seems to be odd.

I mean, it's like working a public customer service job in an anonymous jerk-filled environment for a fraction of minimum wage. 

Honestly, the question should be "why do so many people manage to write as much as they do!?". My answer is... creators got to create. And I think that's a beautiful side of humanity.

Re: Why most of the authors drop their stories


Will Wrote: Have you read many stories online that you would pay money for? I write for free, I would not ask for donations like a beggar on a street corner. It would be reward enough to get likes, followers, and comments, all of which are not very forth coming!
Before I answer - I didn't mean that people should pay, or authors should expect or want it - it's just a comment on the writer-reader relationship in the web serial novels. I'm very in line with your attitude. Creators gotta create, and feedback is worth more than money to creators. Starving aside.

But, I would pay for a few of the stories online. Maybe 5? 10? It depends on my means and how effortless it would be. Money isn't the issue to me though. I'll give you that I'm hostile to readership on behalf of authors. The best of readers give token support. Most are silent/absent. But the worst is that a significant portion are hostile and self-entitled, looking to tear someone down, and look to hurt the people trying to share their creations with others.

I guess my stance can be reduced to: readership asking "why do creators stop creating" need to look in a mirror. To ask themselves what they have done today to encourage the creators sharing their stuff with them?