In need of reviewers. I will also review yours



 I'm an author of a book entitled 'Ethereal Heavens'

   I only need some of your precious time to give me some feedback. I seriously needed a review. I can review yours too.

   My novel is a bit new and it has 50+ pages for now, 'cause I just started.

    Don't worry, if you didn't like the story, you can just give me some advice and pointers. If you like it, then, its great!

  Advanced thanks to those kind-hearted fellas out there!

Here is the link:

RE: In need of reviewers. I will also review yours

7/29/2017 7:33:34 AMsinkingship Wrote: [ -> ]I read your story and left a review, it's pretty good. My only gripe is some things feel a bit rushed (like in the latest chapter Tromer brings a whole branch of some sort of noble family over to his side in the space of three sentences - I understand that wasn't the focus of the chapter but still...) but I enjoyed reading it overall - keep it up man.

Thanks bro! You're a great help. Thanks for tips and pointers. I can also review yours. I'm busy for now so, I will do it later. Would you like to?