Beat the bad habit out of me

Vague title inspires curiosity. Yeah, anyway, the bad habit is a fairly common one: I never stack up on chapters. 

I write 1 chapter a day, proofread it once or twice, and put it up. This, as you can guess, prevents me from planning anything worthwhile ahead of time, and I'm always forced to think stuff up on the fly, and then find a way - in some future chapters - to connect all the dots somehow in a way they make some sort of a sense. The most I ever stacked up were 2 chapters, and I don't even know the reason I can't do it. I just feel burned out after finishing up 1 chapter, and would rather douse myself in sulfur than write another one most of the time. 

I'd just like an advice from someone who used to be like me, but finally managed to overcome it. Do I just force myself through, and then come back at it at some later time and fix things I don't like? Or is it just a matter of perseverance and you just do it? 

Strange thing is though that, if I ever want to do a double release, I'm usually able to shell out 2 chapters. I'm so confused. Unconfuse me.

RE: Beat the bad habit out of me

Why are you forcing yourself to complete one chapter a day? You NEED to know where the story is going. Not one or two chapters ahead, but many more. The story has to be heading somewhere. Imagine how bad most novels would be if they were literally written one chapter at a time.

It's like building a train: you put the tracks down one by one, without any idea where you're going, and you might end up going over a cliff. Having a destination roots your story and gives you something to aim for.

RE: Beat the bad habit out of me

I feel like if you're writing a chapter a day it shouldn't be too hard for you to accumulate a backlog if you just don't post them for a week or two. Having a backlog is nice because it easier for you to make sure everything is lining up right between the current point in your story and ten chapters ago or whatever.

As for advice, I mean really just don't post them? I like writing, I do it in my free time, but I don't post everything I write immediately as I write it.

RE: Beat the bad habit out of me

Don't even have a single fiction up, but what I'm planning to do is get one fat document with a WHOLE ARC, or at least a portion between two important events, and finish writing it first before splitting it into chapters. I find it helps keep the writing consistent and makes sure your viewpoints don't at least drastically differ between chapters because you forgot about the last chapter you wrote yesterday.

I would say make a simple plan. For example, for a summoned hero fiction, I would put it vaguely like this:

Hero summoned -> Gets abilities -> Wakes up in a forest -> Heads to a village -> Beats some bandits, etc, etc, etc