Chapter titles

I've seen people do chapters a lot of different ways on this site. Sometimes it's just numbers (1, 2, 3 ... on and on). Sometimes it's broken and named up by arcs or volumes (traditional novel style!) or by important story events (the thing that is happening, parts 1-9) or sometimes it just treats every chapter as it's own short story with an explanatory title.

Also artsy things happen too sometimes I guess - and other things I can't think of! And weird combinations of different elements.

So I'm curious what other people think, generally speaking, the best method of titling the chapters of these web serials is?

Also in my case specifically I'd like to solicit opinions on my titling scheme - currently my titles are pretty much explanatory one or two word blurbs of the chapters content with 'interlude' alternate pov chapters. Since my planned roster of pov characters is tiny and spaced out I sort of want to just call them all <Interlude - Charactername> and leave it at that - but will it be confusing to have multiple chapters with the same name? (is it even allowed lol)

RE: Chapter titles

Number + Titles.
Something like The Dao Of Magic or Lone, The Wanderer if you're planning on having several books.

While not necessary, I like it when chapters have titles. When you're looking for a specific chapters, the titles can help a lot. Oh, and although that was totally not planned, I also noticed that some titles can work as clickbaits xD
But don't forget the chapters number. Some people add titles to their chapters, but not numbers. And once again, when the novel starts to have a lot of them, you can get lost easily. As for the Arcs,  it might be a good idea to add them, but usually, it's either Arc+part or Chapter number+Title (what you have right now). I prefer the latter, since it's more precise.

Oh and no, I don't think it'll be confusing to have several chapters with the same name since logically, they will be arranged in the right order. But it might be a good idea to add the chapter concerned. Like instead of having just "Interlude - Pink", you can write "Chapter 4.5 - Interlude Pink"