July Art Challenge Theme: Emoticon/ Emoji

Hello! Here to welcome our Ninth monthly challenge for June! Trying something different this time with two different ways to interpret this challenge so read below!


What does this mean?
It means a theme will be set for every month and something related to the theme needs to be drawn within or by the end of the month. You can join for the challenge, to get some motivation to draw, or just to simply have fun and doodle.

Can I join even if I’m not a member of Inked?
Anyone is welcomed to join in on these theme challenges! The more the merrier!

What can I draw?
This theme will be split into two ways you can do it. 

1. Draw an emoticon. This one is pretty simple.

Example: Anime emoticons, blob emoticons, animal emoticon, plant emoticon, etc.

2. Draw a character/person/robot/ whatever doing the emoticon expression or actions if available. You are free to choose which emoticon you'd like to base it off of.

Example: http%3A%2F%2Fpre13.deviantart.net%2F86f3%2Fth%2Fpre%2F...bf0p95.jpg 

You are welcome to draw one of them or both of them if you feel you  are up to the task.  You are free to choose what emoticon you would like to draw or draw what kind of emoticon you want to base your drawing off of.  There are many style so of emoticon/ emoji so have fun!

Is it okay to draw more than one drawing?
Yes, it is definitely okay! You are also free to give it your all on one drawing as well, but different entries are fine as well.

THIS MONTH’S THEME IS Emoticon / Emoji.

Deadline: August 1  Midnight ( Your timezone)

Have fun~
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